1010 WINS — When Rosie the cat was just a kitten, sisters Thoa, Thi and Tram Bui — owners of two beautiful Huskies Lilo and Infinity — found her malnourished, lethargic and dying at only three weeks old on the side of a co-worker’s house, they took her in as any animal lover would. Their cousins who live nearby also own a Husky who is part of the pack, named Miko.

The family members have been rescuing cats their entire lives with the goal of introducing them to forever homes. But when Lilo, the Husky pack leader eventually took in Rosie as her own, acting as her surrogate mother, they knew there would be no way to let her go.

“Everyone became fond of Rosie very quickly, so we decided to keep her,” Thoa tells 1010 WINS. “Lilo spent all of her time with Rosie while she was recovering. We adopted her because we knew that we couldn’t separate them after everything they went through together.”

Since then, Rosie has been accepted by all three dogs as part of the pack — she even goes on hiking trips and kayaking adventures with her new family.

“She grew up around kittens,” Thoa says about pack leader Lilo. “She’s pretty used to having them around.” Now, she says, “Lilo and Rosie are always together. They eat, sleep, play, cuddle, and clean each other.”

Growing up with the pack has allowed Rosie to develop traits that are both feline and canine, according to Thoa. “She loves laser toys like a normal cat would, but also carries around stuffed animals and chews on them like a dog would — I’d say she’s living in both worlds,” says Thoa.

There's nothing we can't do with friends by our side👯

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–Joe Cingrana

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