JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A father of three was gunned down across the street from his home, and his killer is still out there.

CBS2’s Tony Aiello spoke with grieving relatives while Jersey City police spent the day in the neighborhood collecting surveillance video and searching for witnesses.

The victim’s family was clearly still in shock.

Alicia Martinez was still wearing her fiancee’s work shirt and coming to grips with his death.

“He was a great loving father, and a very bright person. His entire life was helping people,” she said.

Martinez believes Donald McLaughlin III, 37, was coming to the aid of his younger brother who tangled with some street toughs earlier in the day on Thursday.

They may have returned around 8:30 p.m. to exact revenge across the street from the family apartment where the victim’s father was watching TV.

“My youngest son came leaping in through the door practically three feet off the floor, looked like someone tossed him by the rear of his pants through the door. he told me, he said, ‘they’re shooting at us, and I think they shot Donny,’ his older brother,” Donald McLaughlin II said.

He rushed outside and saw his oldest son lying in front of 490 Central Ave. Police said he’d been struck in the head with a blunt object and fatally shot.

“For the love of his brother, he went to help his brother after getting jumped earlier that day. Right in front of his house, and it happened in seconds,” Martinez said.

Jersey City police and the Hudson County Prosecutor are working on the case. CBS2 has learned they’ve obtained very good surveillance video that should help identify the suspects.

The victim and his fiancee have a toddler, he has two older children as well.

McLaughlin worked as an auto tech and livery driver, and was enrolled in trade school.

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