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Preschoolers Help Out with the Most Adorable Wedding Proposal

1010 WINS-A group of adorable preschoolers helped surprise their teacher in one of the cutest wedding proposals you’ll ever see.

(Provided photo: Sara Trigero)

Dallin Knecht asked teacher Sara Trigero for her hand in marriage while the students whom she spends upwards of eight hours a day with at the Child and Family Research Center at the University of Nevada-Reno held up a sign reading “Sara, say yes” outside of their school.

It wasn’t just the students who got involved in the big surprise – when Sara left a fake performance review with her boss she walked outside to see her boyfriend waiting along with her two and three-year-old students.

Normally a busy area, Sara almost walked right past the big reveal — until she caught a glimpse of the banner the children were holding.

(Provided photo: Sara Trigero)

Sara fully appreciates just how special it was that her now-fiancé involved her students because he understands how much she loves them.

-Joe Cingrana

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