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  • Rosemarie Vertullo

    I remember your sister as she was my 4th grade teacher at St. Margaret’s in Riverdale. I attended her church wedding the year I was in her class. She was by far my favorite teacher in my entire school career. I will never forget her.

  • Eddie


    You did a story for the CBS Evening News on my basketball group in NY Chinatown related to JEREMY LIN on 2.11.12. I am unable to locate that video on any of the CBS websites or on Youtube and the kids really want to see it. Is there a way for you to post it on the website or send us a copy of the piece? The full episode link from that day sadly spliced it out of the broadcast. Would much appreciate a response!!

    Vice Chair – APEX

  • Carol Carson

    Hi, Tony! You have me beat in the white hair department, but mine is getting there quickly. We are a long way from Savannah!

  • Joanne LaMarca

    Hey! You probably don’t even read these things, but what the heck – how ya doing?!?!?!!!!

  • Stephen Livingston

    Dear Mr. Guida you once interviewed me during a snow storm. I believe it was 1996. I was a New York Sanitation Supervisor at the time. If I remember right it was an interview about a piece of equipment we were using at the time called the Frink
    Just wanted to say hi, and all the best to you.

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