Mark David Chapman Mugshot

Mark David Chapman Mugshot/AP

  • lori clark

    well i just wanted to say that you took the best beatle that it was and you should have allready been put to death dont know why you havent? you are the sorryest person that has ever walked this earth why did you do that he was a great person best in my book and allways will be i hope you never get out i hope you are treated very very bad in there.

  • Dennis Gibson

    Mark David Chapman is a sociopath, he has no real feelings of regret or simpathy for john lennon/ yoko ono or anyone else who was effected by his action, the only person who REALLY MATTERS is Mark David Chapman. he also still craves attention you can see this in his desire that if realleased from prison he would go around churches pontificating about how he was saved by god thus people should listen to him….Leave him in jail

  • peter best

    Burn in hell Chapman.
    The fact that you deeply regret what you’ve done is of no consequence to me.

  • vincent obrien

    Mark Chapman is an evil man who should never be released. My heart goes out to yoko ono who witnessed his murder. For many including myself it was the saddest day ever. The man was a legend.

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