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Latest NY Back to School

CityKids offers a variety of classes that teach your child the basic elements of dance while still allowing your child to express themselves. (Credit:

NYC’s Best Gymnastics And Dance Classes

Are you a dancer? Is your child a tumbler? Check out these NYC resources.

CBS New York–11/19/2010

Karma Kids

The 5 Best ‘Mommy (and Daddy) & Me’ Classes In NYC

Here are some classes with opportunities to get out of the house to meet new friends and parents while teaching your children various life lessons and entertaining them with exciting activities!

CBS New York–10/13/2010

Queens Zoo

Queens’ Best Fun For Kids

Do you need some ideas of where to take the kids in Queens? At CBS New York, we’ve found the most fun places for you. New York Hall of Science 47-01 111th Street Queens, […]


Barber Shop

Best New York Haircuts for Kids

Oh, the trauma of the first haircut. The tears, the screaming, the stranger holding scissors near the head of your precious child—and then you have to pull out the wallet and actually pay for all […]


Bronx Zoo

Bronx’s Best Fun For Kids

If you haven’t spent much time in the Bronx with your family, then you are missing some wonderful experiences! Nearly one quarter of the land in the Bronx is open space, making this borough a […]


Brusier at the Central Park Zoo

Manhattan’s Best Fun For Kids

When people call Manhattan “the center of the universe”, we find it hard to disagree. The diversity of people, businesses and entertainment options are unparalleled. There is just so much to see and to do! […]


New York Public Library

Best Stuff For Young Kids (5-8)

It can be challenging to figure out what to do with young kids, because they tend to have such a wide range of interests. CBS New York has taken the initiative and provides some top […]


Carousel for Children

Best Stuff For Preschoolers

New York City is so packed with places and activities for preschoolers to the point that it almost could be nicknamed “The Small Apple”. Whether indoor or outdoors, your preschoolers will have a blast! Moomah […]


credit: Moxie Spot

Brooklyn’s Best Fun For Kids

The diversity of neighborhoods in Brooklyn and people make it a truly special place to raise a family. Here’s just a few of our top places to visit in Brooklyn with kids: Best Park Pier […]


CBS Early Show

Best Stuff For Tweens (9-12)

We know that tweens are hard to please. These picks are sure to entice and engage them without being too mature or even worse – too babyish! Rockefeller Center Various locations This plaza in […]


City Treehouse

Best Stuff For Toddlers

All of us parents have struggled with options of what to do with our toddlers…especially during the rainy and cold days. And while occasional snowmen or skips through the rain are great, sometimes you just […]


Kids play at Sony Wonder. (Image from

New York Moms’ Best Bookstores And Computer Stores

While Barnes and Noble branches throughout the city hold story times for children and boast a large selection of kids’ books these independent bookstores hold sway in their neighborhoods and keep families coming back year after year.


Photo Credit:

New York’s Best Indie Book Shops

Sure, sure, we don’t actually need bookstores anymore. The advent of e-readers like the Kindle, Nook, and iPad have sort of made cutting down trees a necessity of the past.