Nina In New York

Nina In New York: An Airing Of GrievancesIsn't it nice to get everything out in the open? I hope we can all still be friends.
Nina In New York: From The Tantrum FilesPerhaps the next time you see a parent struggling with what appears to be a stroller containing a small weather system made of limbs, tears and hair, you will think twice before treating that person like a circus freak.
Nina in New York: We're Beyond Help And Remain Blameless (Or, Relax And Eat Your Fries)New Yorkers ignore calorie counts and eat what we want, and what our ancestors intended.
Nina In New York: A Shockingly Fond Farewell To Taxi TVAccording to a Quinnipiac University poll across all five boroughs, only those who live in Manhattan responded in a vast majority that they'd like the TVs removed.
Nina In New York: More Like Daylight Stupid Time, Amirite?Our children fully reject the entire institution of Daylight Saving Time. Let's take the note.
Nina In New York: Terrifying Toddler Costume Ideas To Suit Every BudgetThese costumes are not only cheap, but they're sure to curdle the blood of everyone at your pre-school. Enjoy, and have a safe and happy Halloween!
Nina In New York: Cheese Is My Favorite DrugAccording to a new study by the U.S. Library of Medicine, it turns out that a particular protein found in cheese actually does produce a certain opiate, which has an addictive effect on the user, er, eater.
Nina In New York: I'll Take A Hot Dog With The Works, Minus The Human DNAA new report reveals that some hot dogs contain human DNA, undisclosed meats, and other fun surprises!
Nina In New York: The Future Was Two Days Ago; The Past Is NowWhile there are some things which would have been nice to get on the official Earth record, we did manage to execute on a few important ideas.
Nina In New York: Calling Mom Draper
Nina In New York: The Most Magical Flight On EarthA Canadian airline has debuted a commercial jet that has been custom-painted and decorated inside and out to reflect a very special theme: Disney's Frozen. I'll start packing my bags right now.
Nina In New York: Breaking News: Take A Load OffIt's like the health community is playing a fast-paced, spasmodic game of musical chairs with us.
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