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Living Large: Take A Tour Of A $12 Million Long Island Colonial Mansion

CBS 2’s Emily Smith got an all-access tour of a 1930’s Sands Point Colonial mansion that hit the market at $12 million.


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Living Large: Take A Tour Of A Multi-Million Dollar SoHo Loft

CBS 2’s Emily Smith took a tour inside a $4 million loft in SoHo that has the best of Downtown right at your doorstep.


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Living Large: Take A Tour Through A Greenwich, Connecticut Castle

CBS 2’s Emily Smith got a tour of a $17.5 million castle fit for a prince and princess — the stuff fairy tales are made of.



Study: Good Night Sleep May Be The Key To Having Happy Marriage

Could your marriage be a casualty of bad sleep? The new research finds when wives don’t get enough sleep, their husbands and their marriages suffer.


Researchers say a simple blood test could give an idea on life expectancy based on the length of telomeres, which shorten as people age. (Credit: CBS 2)

Would You Want To Know? Life Expectancy Test Could Become Reality

Would you want to know how long you’re going to live? In the coming months, it could become a possibility. A new blood test is being developed that could give you a look at your longevity.


Video games

Study: Video Games Actually Lower Crime

We all know how wildly popular video games are, but many parents are disturbed by the violence of some games that their children or teens play. But could playing those violent games actually benefit whole neighborhoods in a very unexpected way?


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Seen At 11: CBS 2 Tells You How To Control Your Dog’s Barking

The latest infomercial product claims to keep your dog from barking, but can it actually quiet your canine?


Facebook diet page

Seen At 11: ‘Facebook Diet’ Offers Weight-Loss Support System

Dieting can be a long, boring and lonely process for many people. But now, a New Jersey mom wants to help motivate you. She lost 75 pounds and promises you can lose weight, too, on the “Facebook diet.”


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Middle-Aged Dating: It’s Never Too Late To Find Your Soul Mate

Finding your soul mate at any age can be a challenge, but it doesn’t get any easier when you get older. Experts, however, say it’s never too late to find love.


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Secondhand Stress: The Dangers & What You Can Do To Combat It

Experts say it is an ailment as contagious as a common cold, but with much more serious health consequences.