• (credit: CBS2)

    Keeping It Simple In The Kitchen

    Stephanie And Tony Tantillo Cook Up A Sicilian Pasta

  • (credit: CBS2)

    Flavorful Fried Egg Salad

    Stephanie And Tony Tantillo Prepare Dish Using Prosciutto, Avocados And More

  • Sausage And Mushroom Rigatoni (credit: CBS 2)

    Going Hearty

    Stephanie & Tony Tantillo Show Us How To Cook Up Sausage And Mushroom Rigatoni Dish

  • (credit: CBS 2)

    Topped With Tuna

    Stephanie And Tony Tantillo Prepare A Tuna Steak Salad

  • Yukon Gold Potato Salad (credit: CBS 2)

    As Good As Yukon Gold

    Stephanie & Tony Tantillo Whip Up Yukon Gold Potato Salad With Corn, More