Breast Cancer

Sandra Lee Says She's Cancer Free After Double MastectomyLee was hospitalized last month and had to have additional surgery after struggling with infection following her original operation in May.
Mobile Mammogram Unit Offers Free Health Screenings In QueensA mobile unit will offer mammograms and clinical breast exams, courtesy of the Italian American Cancer Foundation.
New York's First State-Of-The-Art Mobile Breast Cancer Clinic Operating In Nassau CountyNew York State's first state-of-the-art 3D mammography mobile breast cancer clinic is now operating out of Nassau University Medical Center.
Thousands To Converge On Central Park On Mission To Defeat Breast CancerOn Sunday morning, thousands of people will converge on Central Park with one goal, to defeat breast cancer.
Dr. Max Gomez: Researchers Announce Breakthrough In Fight Against Cervical CancerResearch presented at an annual meeting of thousands of cancer experts could lead to treatment for many different cancers.
Researchers: Unnecessary Double Mastectomies Do Not Improve Chances Of Avoiding Recurring Breast CancerMore than a quarter million American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. About 40,000 of them will die of the disease.
Dr. Max Gomez: Cancer Patients Turn To Hypnosis To Ease Side Effects Of RadiationA technique that magicians and entertainers have used for years may be useful as a form of cancer therapy.
Changes To Mammogram Reports In New Jersey Take EffectDr. Nancy Cappello launched the Are You Dense campaign after getting a clean mammogram but later learning she had cancer.
Dr. Max Gomez: New Study Heralded As ‘Groundbreaking’ Step In Treating Breast CancerThe experimental drug is the latest example of what has been dubbed 'targeted therapy' which uses drugs that go after the very specific biochemical pathways that cancer cells use to divide and multiply.
Long-Term Study From Harvard Finds Benefits Of Mammograms May Be OverstatedOne of the largest reviews to date finds that mammograms do save lives, but not as many as people believe. That benefit comes with some risks of its own, the study found.
Dr. Max Gomez: Gene Therapy Could Be Lifesaver For Cancer PatientsA study released on Wednesday, found that modified T-cells achieved complete remission in 88 percent of advanced leukemia patients treated.
New Research On Breast Cancer May Change Way Disease Is TreatedNew research presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium looked at hundreds of older patients treated with or without radiation and found no difference in overall survival and very small differences in recurrence rates after five years.