Heart Disease Develops, Strikes Women At A Surprisingly Young AgeShould women in their 20s and 30s be concerned about heart disease? The answer is yes.
For Some People, Shoveling Snow Can Be Downright DangerousShoveling after a snowstorm is just a fact of life for many New Yorkers. For Kip Marsh from Washington Heights it can be a heavy task.
Meal Timing, Frequency May Play Role In Preventing Heart Disease; Report ClaimsYou've probably heard it from your mother for years -- breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- well it turns out mom was right.
Optimistic Outlook Could Lower Risk Of Dying From Heart Disease, Study FindsAre you an optimist? You know, the kind of person who generally expects good things to happen -- or are you a gloomy Gladys who looks on the dark side of most things?
Yo-Yo Dieting After Menopause Could Pose Heart Health Risk To Some Women, Study ClaimsAre you a 'yo-yo' dieter who loses weight, gains it back, loses it, and then gains it back all over again?
Federal Recommendations For Heart Disease Prevention Could Cause Spike In Statin UseRecommendations from a federal task force could nearly double the number of Americans taking cholesterol lowering drugs.
High Blood Pressure In Middle Age Sets The Stage For Cognitive Decline Later On, Study FindsSurprisingly it came from the American Heart Association, and as CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez explained, it's about high blood pressure.
Seen At 11: Doctor Says Exercise Could Hold The Key To Fighting Chronic DiseaseThe next time you visit your doctor, he or she may write a prescription for the gym instead of the pharmacy.
Study: Rotating Shift Work Could Boost Risk Of Coronary Heart DiseaseThere are 15-million Americans who do some kind of rotating shift work, including overnights, evenings, and early morning shifts.
Tiny Pacemaker Receives FDA ApprovalA pacemaker has to have a sensor to tell when the heartbeat is going wrong, a generator to deliver electricity to normalize the rhythm and a battery to power all that. You can now get all that in something the size of a big vitamin tablet.
Marfan Syndrome Poses Significant Risk To Women During And After ChildbirthBelieve it or not pregnancy is one of the riskiest medical conditions that healthy women can ever go through.
New Device Could Solve The Problem Of Diastolic Heart FailureHeart failure is the fastest growing type of heart disease in the country with a new case occurring every minute of every day.

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