High Blood Pressure In Middle Age Sets The Stage For Cognitive Decline Later On, Study FindsSurprisingly it came from the American Heart Association, and as CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez explained, it's about high blood pressure.
Seen At 11: Doctor Says Exercise Could Hold The Key To Fighting Chronic DiseaseThe next time you visit your doctor, he or she may write a prescription for the gym instead of the pharmacy.
Study: Rotating Shift Work Could Boost Risk Of Coronary Heart DiseaseThere are 15-million Americans who do some kind of rotating shift work, including overnights, evenings, and early morning shifts.
Tiny Pacemaker Receives FDA ApprovalA pacemaker has to have a sensor to tell when the heartbeat is going wrong, a generator to deliver electricity to normalize the rhythm and a battery to power all that. You can now get all that in something the size of a big vitamin tablet.
Marfan Syndrome Poses Significant Risk To Women During And After ChildbirthBelieve it or not pregnancy is one of the riskiest medical conditions that healthy women can ever go through.
New Device Could Solve The Problem Of Diastolic Heart FailureHeart failure is the fastest growing type of heart disease in the country with a new case occurring every minute of every day.
Fitbit Lawsuit Claims Fitness Bracelets Have Faulty Heart Monitoring TechFitness bracelets are the newest craze -- but how accurate are they?
Seen At 11: Viagra For Children? How Experts Say The Drug Can Save Young LivesMillions of men credit Viagra for saving their sex lives, but nearly two decades after hitting the market, Viagra is now being credited for literally saving the lives -- of children.
Long Island Teens Team Up To Bring Life Saving Surgery To Kids Around The WorldMonday, marked the start of a full week of life saving heart surgeries around the world that they made possible.
Hundreds Of Women 'Go Red' For Cardiovascular Health AwarenessHeart disease survivors are sharing their personal journeys with CBS2 in honor of national Go Red Day, raising awareness about growing heart risks to women across the country.
Family Relieved After Infant Undergoes Successful, Non-Invasive Heart Procedure Parents of an infant child facing a life-threatening open heart surgery found relief through a new non-invasive procedure.
Study Links High Intake Of Processed Red Meats To Heart FailureAfter nearly 12 years, men who ate at least 75 grams of processed red meat every day were 28 percent more likely to develop heart failure than men who ate less than 25 grams per day.

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