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Possible Link Between Melanoma, Viagra Could Have Users Feeling A Little Blue

The study is worrisome, 25,000 male health professionals were followed for ten years. During that time researchers tracked which men developed melanoma, and whether they took Viagra.


Experts say some lice are becoming resistant to common treatments. (Credit: CBS2)

Treatment Resistant ‘Mutant’ Lice Spark Concerns About Out-Of-Control Outbreaks

The mutant lice may be resistant to common chemicals, but there are still a number of oils that are very effective in killing them.


Experts say late summer is the time to start fighting against fall allergies. (Credit: CBS2)

Dr. Max Gomez: Fight Fall Allergies Before They Start

As summer winds down, it’s a good time to start fighting your fall allergies before they hit.


More single men are opting to start families on their own. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: More Single Men Are Choosing To Start Families On Their Own

It’s not unusual for a single woman to raise a child on her own, but it’s happening more with single men.


New York City's best steakhouses

Seen At 11: Advocates Say Labels On Tenderized Beef Could Prevent Deadly Illness

Summer may be in full swing, but experts have a warning for anyone getting ready to throw a steak on the grill.


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Drexel University Study Finds Some Relationships Could Benefit From ‘Sexting’

A new study found that more adults are sending sext messages, and it could be beneficial to a certain stage of their relationship, but not as helpful to another.


Women's Running became the first fitness or running magazine to feature a plus sized model on the cover. (Credit: CBS2)

Plus-Sized Model Makes First Ever Appearance On Cover Of Fitness Magazine ‘Women’s Running’

It’s the first time in history that a plus sized model has made the cover of a fitness or running magazine.



Seen At 11: Drink Your Way To Looking And Feeling Younger

The latest beauty trend doesn’t involve lasers or injections or anything that you put on your skin.


High-end watches like the Patek Philippe are more than an accessory, they can be an investment too, collectors say. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: High-End Watch Collectors Say ‘Time Is Money’

There are few things that are sure-fire investments, but there is one that might be very close at hand.


Greenpoint residents say a composting program is stinking up their neighborhood. (Credit: CBS2)

Greenpoint Residents Raise A Stink Over Composting Program

People living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn said a new program to improve the environment is creating a stench in their neighborhood.


Katy Perry and other Hollywood celebs are making their hair stand out with a wide range of colors. (Credit: CBS2/Capitol Records)

New Trend Has Hollywood Celebrities Trading In Their Hair Color For A More Vibrant Look

Several Hollywood celebrities have traded their golden locks and brunette tresses for a more vibrant look.


Harper Lee's new book "Go Set A Watchman" on shelves after its release at the Barnes and Nobel in New York July 14, 2015. (Credit: KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images)

Readers Flock To Bookstores For ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Author Harper Lee’s Second Novel

The new book is generating some controversy for its portrayal of lawyer Atticus Finch as a segregationist with ties to the Ku Klux Klan.


A group of Lakewood seniors has been gathering to get hands on with new technology. (Credit: CBS2)

Group Of Lakewood Seniors Gathers To Learn The Latest Technology

Now, a group of Lakewood ladies is learning how to Skype, FaceTime, and use their new technology, and you may be surprised to see who their teacher is.


A growing number of adults are picking up crayons to battle stress. (Credit: CBS2)

Seen At 11: Child’s Play No More, Adults Now Turn To Coloring Books To Ease Stress

Once thought of as child’s play, studies show, coloring can actually help ease stress, increase motor skills, promote relaxation, and overall wellness.


(Credit: CBS2)

New Line Of Apps Claims To Help Curb Excessive Smartphone Use

If you feel like you’re stuck to your smartphone and just can’t put it down, you’re not alone.


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