Seen At 11: ‘Words To Love’ By That Can Make Your Relationship StrongerMany people tell their partners that they love them every day, but relationship experts said there are other phrases equally -- if not more important -- that can keep a relationship out of a rut.
Seen At 11: Product Or Procedure? Experts Say Both Can Clear Up Lines And WrinklesFor every line and wrinkle there is a laser or injection to help get rid of it.
Sick Of Unwanted Gifts, Some Mothers Turn To Registries For Kids’ PartiesTacky or terrific? There is divided opinion on the growing popularity of gift registries for kids.
In Search Of Cure For Modern Day Ills, Some Turn To ‘Wellness Tonics’Americans have jumped on a whole range of juicing fads in the past -- from green drinks to wheat grass to fresh pressed fruit.
Seen At 11: It’s Easier Than Ever To Make Extra Money On The SideWhether you're living paycheck to paycheck, or want to increase your rainy day fund, it's easier than ever to make extra money on the side.
‘The X Plan’ Parents Use Discreet Strategy To Help Teens Fight Peer PressureThe concept isn't new. Before texts were the norm, parents like Amanda Khalil's mom had her use safewords during phone calls.
Doctors Worry Parents May Underestimate Risk Of Teenage Pot UseA new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics found as more states legalize the drug for adult use, more teenagers think it's safe.
Seen At 11: Pigs Really Can Fly, As Long As They Have The Appropriate PaperworkTraveling by air can be stressful enough, but imagine who or what might be in the seat next to you.
Seen At 11: ‘Cibophobia’ – Millions Suffer From Obsessive-Compulsive Fear Of FoodFor some, the mere mention of getting on a plane is enough to work up a cold sweat, for others a spider might do it.
Seen At 11: ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ Can Keep Sufferers Out For Weeks At A TimeEveryone loves a good night of sleep, but in some cases a single night can turn into days without a person waking up.
Seen At 11: Get Fit While You Sit With The ‘No Workout-Workout’The technology is finally here -- in high and low tech form -- to help us get in shape and lose weight with minimal or no effort.
New Research Could Mean Earlier Autism Diagnosis, Improved TreatmentAn important development in the early diagnosis of autism could lead to improved treatment.

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