Seen At 11: Grooming The Groom-To-Be - The New Trend For Wedding SeasonWe're in the thick of wedding season, and it's no secret that most brides will spare no expense to look their very best on the big day.
Cycling Advocates Say Drivers Are Using Bike Lanes And The Consequences Could Be DeadlyPeter Steely White, with Transportation Alternatives said it's almost become an acceptable practice for drivers to use bike lanes with too few consequences.
‘Nanit’ Baby Monitor Could Improve Sleep Quality For You And Your BabyNow, brand new technology to monitor your child's sleep quality is here to help. The Nanit is safely hung above a crib to give a bird's eye view of your child's sleep patterns.
Experts Say ‘Flumist’ Nasal Spray May Not Be Working, Recommend Flu Shots InsteadThe Centers For Disease Control is warning that the popular nasal spray Flumist is not very effective for young children.
Lifestyle Coach Shares Secrets To A Stress Free Family VacationPatience is a virtue that gets tested often when you take a three week family vacation with five kids, and four adults spanning three generations.
Seen At 11: A Growing Number Of Schools Are Hosting ‘Pre-K Proms’Many people wait years for their senior prom, but now it's not only high schoolers preparing for the milestone -- it's also pre-schoolers.
‘The Private Collection Of Joan Rivers’ On Display At Christies New YorkJoan Rivers' fans now have a chance to own something from their favorite late comedian. Christies is holding an auction with some of her most beloved possessions.
OddFellows' Unique Frozen Treats Bring Artisanal Twist To Ice Cream SceneThis Brooklyn-based ice cream destination offers off-the-wall flavors and an artisanal style that fits the eclectic hipster vibe of Williamsburg's downtown strip.
Experts Say Talk To Your Daughter About ‘Health’ Not ‘Weight’ To Instill A Positive Body ImageIt found that commenting on a daughter's weight could have long-lasting impacts on her body image and her adult weight.
After 75 Years On The Job Newark Scoutmaster Is Ready To RetireHe has devoted more than seven decades of his life to the Boy Scouts, but the time has come to say goodbye to Troop 102 -- the troop he founded.
Free Wi-Fi Kiosks Prompt Concerns Of Potential Misuse By Homeless New YorkersPayphones are being replaced with high-tech kiosks that offer internet access and smartphone charging, but some fear they're becoming hotspots for the homeless.
Study Finds Kids Need To Balance Busy Schedules With More SleepBetween school and extracurricular activities, and busy parental schedules, it's not hard to see how many parents struggle with making sure their kids are getting enough sleep.

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