Seen At 11: Your Teen Could Be Hiding Illegal Drugs In Plain SightDrugs are a constant and growing problem in the city and the suburbs, and all to often teenagers are hiding them in plain sight.
Life-Like High-Wire Scenes In ‘The Walk’ 3-D Leave Audiences With Vertigo SymptomsA movie about a historic high-wire act is causing high anxiety for some theater goers, some audience members have reported severe symptoms of vertigo.
Expert: New Rules For Powerball Increase Odds Of Billion-Dollar JackpotThe current Powerball jackpot is one of the 50 biggest in the country, but $201-million could soon look like chump change.
Seen At 11: Airline Cost Cuts Could Expose Passengers To Unsanitary ConditionsA meeting of scientists from the American Society of Microbiology revealed that disease-causing bacteria will linger on plane surfaces for up to a week.
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Students At ‘Our Lady Queen Of Angels’ In Harlem Prepare To Meet The PopeWhen the planning began for the Pope's trip to New York he made it known that he wanted to get an up close look at an inner city Catholic school.
Seen At 11: Research Finds Your Hair Could Impact Your EarningsStudies have found that taste and personal preference regarding hair has real implications on business relationships even though they may be on a subconscious level.
Viral Video Scares Teens, Parents To Send Message About Social Media Stranger DangerA video with horror movie production values and very real fear has been making the rounds online.
Goodwill Goes High-End, Opens Dozens Of Upscale ‘Boutique’ Locations If you long for designer duds, but don't want to pay designer prices we've got good news for you.
Family Tragedy Leads To New Boating Safety Law In ConnecticutA family's tragedy has led to a new law. A 16-year-old was killed in a boating accident last summer, with another teenager at the boat's controls.
Experts Say Most Merchants Can’t Require ID With Credit Card PurchasesWith 97 shopping days left until Christmas, it's about time for credit card use to go into overdrive.