Electric Stimulator Could Bring Relief To Those Suffering From Chronic PainThere was an important development Friday, for the estimated 90-million Americans who suffer with chronic pain.
Study Suggests Possibility Of Male Birth Control, But We’re Not There YetThere was important news Thursday, for couples wanting to avoid pregnancy as a new study suggested that there could be a male version of the birth control pill.
Virtual Reality Takes The Pain And Anxiety Out Of Needle Pricks For Parents And Kids It's hard for any parent to watch their child go through the fear and pain of a needle stick, but imagine having to go through that several times a week.
Sharing A Bedroom With Baby For First 6 Months Can Decrease Chances Of SIDS, Experts SayThe American Academy of Pediatrics has revised and updated its recommendations on sleep position and location.
Donated Violin Leads To Lifelong Bond Between Bronx Teen, Holocaust SurvivorIt started with a local radio station's musical instrument drive to get donated instruments to be given to New York City public schools.
Seen At 11: Fight Back Against Tight, Dry Skin As The Weather CoolsTemperatures might say summer, but fall and falling temperatures will inevitably arrive -- and so will tight, dry skin, and chapped hands.
Seen At 11: Jump Into The Investment Game For The Price Of A CappuccinoRobinhood is another mobile investment app that's aimed at users willing to trade in their latte and invest that money weekly in the stock market. Vlad Tenev is the co-founder.
Once A Home Remedy, Study Finds Apple Cider Vinegar Could Transform Your HealthIt's been around for decades, but the list of apple cider vinegar's medicinal uses keeps growing. It's rich in vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and enzymes, and it might be able to transform your health.
Robots Make Long-Lasting Hip, Knee Replacement A Possibility For Young PatientsTotal hip and knee replacements aren't just for your grandparents anymore. Doctors are increasingly doing joint replacement in younger and younger people.
Seen At 11: Minimally Invasive Procedure Touted As ‘Magic Wand’ For Wrinkle RemovalA magic wand to tighten loose skin and erase wrinkles from almost anywhere may sound too good to be true.
CBS2 Investigates: Where Did That Come From? When Foreign Objects End Up In FoodThe last thing you expect to find in your food are metal shards and other foreign objects. Increasingly, manufacturers are recalling products because they contain mystery bits and pieces.
Some Parents Turn To Yoga, Meditation To Treat Physical And Emotional Pain In KidsMany parents try to avoid giving drugs to children to treat physical and mental illnesses. Instead, some pediatricians are prescribing something different.

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