Harrison High School Students ‘Pay It Forward’ With Takeout App That Helps The HungryHow many times a week do you order take out? Soon you will be able to help the hungry when you place an order.
Interview: How To Cut Out Digital Distractions In Your Family LifeChildren are glued to their tablets and cellphones and spending less quality time with their families.
Seen At 11: Company Developing 'Tech Tattoos' So People Can Track Their Medical, Financial InfoSoftware company Chaotic Moon has developed a “tech tattoo” that gets embedded into a person’s arm and can track a person's financial and medical information.
Glitch Disrupts Twitter ServiceTwitter Inc. says users are experiencing problems accessing its microblogging service.
Bronx Science Boots Students Off Wi-Fi After Internet OverloadBronx Science principal Jean Donahue says her school's network has been struggling under an increasingly technology-heavy curriculum.
Some Email Inbox Detox Could Help Lower Stress LevelsA study of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom found the constant checking of emails is linked to higher levels of stress and pressure.
Wearable Tech, Group Training And Other Trends Could Help You Keep Your Fitness ResolutionIf getting fit is one of your New Year's resolutions, there are tons of ways to do it.
Health Watch: Can Medical Devices Be Attacked By Hackers?The FDA has issued an alert warning health providers to discontinue use of some specific IV pumps due to their susceptibility to cybersecurity attacks.
Car Companies Add New Features To Protect Drivers From Distracted TeensFrom texting to distracted driving the Centers for Disease Control say car accidents kill six teenagers every day.
Wi-Fi Enabled Holiday Gifts Could Put Your Personal Information At RiskFrom tablets to smartphones, electronic devices are hot holiday gifts, but they could also put your information at risk.
Experts: Hugely Popular Motorized Boards Are A Holiday Fire HazardThere have been more reports of them catching fire, including one that has been blamed for a house fire in Westchester County.
Facebook 'Most Used Words' App Sparks Privacy ConcernsSome 16 million people used the "Most Used Words" app on Facebook.

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