Facebook 'Most Used Words' App Sparks Privacy ConcernsSome 16 million people used the "Most Used Words" app on Facebook.
‘Kids Trade’ App Lets School Kids Swap Unwanted Toys With Other Students'Tis the season for shopping, and many parents know toys can have a short shelf life. It doesn't take long for kids to lose interest.
Seen At 11: Barcode Bandits Could Access Your Information When You FlyStore receipts and product barcodes usually just contain pricing information and transaction references, but for someone who wants your information, the barcodes can open a window of opportunity.
Wounded Veteran Among Those Benefiting From 'Smart' Prosthetic AnkleCEO and President Dr. Charles Carignan says it has "15 different sensors that are measuring different parameters with every step that the person is taking.
Chris Wragge Checks Out How To Take The Perfect SelfieOn Instagram, there have been more than 240 million posts with #selfie.
Popular ‘Ransomware’ Scam Locks Computers Until Victims Pay UpHackers are hijacking computers and holding them hostage, to get control of the computer back, victims have been forced to pay up.
Pope Francis Visit Could Delay Deliveries Of New iPhone 6SThe new iPhone is running into some divine interference.
Seen At 11: Smartphone Apps Aim To Put Brakes On Road RageSeveral smartphone apps claim they can help irate drivers calm down.
Interview: Texting A 'Powerful' Tool For Helping In CrisisBaylee Greenberg from Crisis Text Line, who stopped by the CBS2 studios, said texting can be "extremely powerful as a means of crisis intervention."
When's The Right Time To Give A Kid A Cellphone?With students heading back to school, many parents wonder when is the right time to give their child a smartphone.
Facebook Sees 1 Billion Users In A Day For First TimeFor the first time ever, one billion people used Facebook in one day this past Monday.
Survey: Most Americans Say It's OK To Use Cellphones In Social SettingsYounger adults more comfortable with social media were more likely than older adults to say it's OK to update your status while with friends.
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