Apple Unveils New $1,000 iPhone XVarious leaks have indicated the new phone will feature a sharper display that will extend from edge to edge of the device, thus eliminating the surrounding gap, or "bezel,'' that's on most phone screens.
Helpful Smartphone Apps Aiding People Through Hurricane IrmaWith Hurricane Irma showing her strength as she zeroes in on southwestern Florida, smartphone apps are helping people weather the storm.
Smartphone Apps Becoming Important Tool In Hurricane PreparationWhile storms are no stranger to many people, using your phone to help navigate through one may be new to you.
Alexa: How Do I Get 1010 WINS Flash Briefings On My Device?Give us 22 minutes and we'll give you the world. Give Alexa 90 seconds and she'll do the same.
Wishing A #HappyBirthday To The HashtagWhether you call it a hashtag or a pound sign, the social media symbol has been organizing conversations online for 10 years.
Parents Sign Pledge To Wait Until 8th Grade To Give Kids SmartphonesMaking your child wait to get a smartphone could feel impossible, but it might be a huge relief, and many parents are doing it.
News On The Rocks: How Smartphones Have Shaped iGenDo you ever worry that your teen stays holed up in his or her room, not venturing out with friends or dates as much as you did at that age? The good news is: They’re not alone.
Elaborate Computer Passwords Don’t Keep Hackers Away; Guideline Creator SaysWe do it all day every day; logging onto our computers, emails, apps, racking our brains to remember password after password.
Latest Roomba Model Raising Privacy ConcernsA brand-new robotic Roomba vacuum comes with software that captures images of a room to build a map of the robot's surroundings. But the manufacturer might be selling that data to other buyers.
Wisconsin Company Will Soon Implant Microchips In Most EmployeesNext week, more than 50 Three Square Market employees will have bionic hands with credit card chips implanted near their wrists.
Innovator Elon Musk Says 800 MPH Hyperloop Will Soon Be A RealityMusk tweeted that there's still a lot of work needed to receive formal approval, but he's clearly used to the fast track.
Bullying More Likely To Happen On Instagram Than Other Platforms; Survey FindsSocial media users have their pick when it comes to different platforms, there's everything from Facebook to Twitter, to Instagram.

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