11/26 CBS2 Thanksgiving Evening Weather HeadlinesClouds are now moving in and we'll see mostly cloudy skies overnight.
11/26 CBS2 Thanksgiving Day Afternoon Weather HeadlinesMainly sunny skies with just a few clouds and very mild temps will make for a winner of a day.
11/26 CBS2 Thanksgiving Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe have a really nice and mild Thanksgiving ahead of us. Temps will rise to near 60 mild degrees by days end.
11/25 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather HeadlinesIt hit 50 degrees around 12:30 p.m. today, so it was fairly pleasant overall. But temps are dropping off and cooling down as we speak.
11/25 CBS2 Afternoon Weather HeadlinesSunshine will dominate the remainder of the afternoon with temps topping out right around normal. Tonight will be chilly, but not quite as cold as it has been in recent nights... low of about 45°.
11/25 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe're starting off around 37° at Central Park, but if you go just outside the city, we will have colder readings.
11/24 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather HeadlinesTonight will be a another cold one. However, we have a wind shift going on that will keep temps a few degrees warmer than last night.
11/24 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesOur skies will be a little brighter this afternoon and temps today will be a little warmer than yesterday.
11/24 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather HeadlinesPlease bundle up today! It's the coldest day of the year since last spring. NYC is under a Freeze Warning until 7 a.m.
11/23 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe started cold in the mid to lower 40s around the area. We only warmed up to 44° this afternoon. We dropped into the 30s again around sunset and I would expect the temps to remain there.
11/23 CBS Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWhile it will stay bright this afternoon, our temps will struggle into the mid 40's. It will be another cold one tonight with widespread 30's and 20's.
11/22 Sunday Evening Weather HeadlinesAs expected, clouds stuck around through a good portion of the day for most spots east of NYC, with rain showers lingering across eastern Long Island.
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