CBS Local Digital Media (“CBS Local”) has updated our Terms of Use to provide users of CBS Local’s Services with a single uniform policy. The Terms of Use state the rights and restrictions that govern the use of any of the Services that include an authorized link to these Terms of Use. Below, please find answers to some questions about our new Terms of Use. To review the Terms of Use, click here.

Why are you updating the Terms of Use?

CBS Local recently joined together with our parent corporation, CBS Corporation, and certain of its other subsidiaries to offer all users of these companies’ web sites and services access to a wider array of content and interactive experiences. Those web sites and services previously were governed by different Terms of Use, and we have updated the various Terms of Use so that users of all those websites and services will be subject to the same conditions. We recognize the importance of providing the users of CBS Local’s Services Terms of Use that are consistent with those of other CBS Local Services and those of other web sites and services of other CBS business units. Because of these revisions, you may notice that some aspects of the Terms of Use applicable to particular CBS Local Services have changed. We encourage you to review the new Terms of Use because they will apply to your continued use of the Services. If you have questions about the new Terms of Use, please Contact Us.

Do any other policies or terms apply to my use of the Services?

Yes, additional terms may apply to your use of CBS Local’s Services. For instance, the CBS Local Privacy Policy describes our practices concerning data that you provide or that we may collect about you through your use of the Services. Also, additional conditions apply to your use of certain kinds of specialized services, such as mash-ups and mobile features. Where additional terms apply, we will provide these terms to you or post them on the Services.

How will I know if CBS Local changes the Terms of Use?

If CBS Local modifies our Terms of Use, we will update the “Effective Date.” If you continue to use the Services after we revise the Terms of Use, you accept all changes.

What do I do if I don’t agree with the Terms of Use?

If you do not agree to the Terms of Use or any additional terms or policies, you should stop using the Services and request deletion of any accounts that you have created on the Services. Of course, if you continue to use the Services before you cancel, that continued use will be subject to the Terms of Use that were in effect during such continued use. By using any of the Services, you accept the Terms of Use in effect at that time as well as any applicable additional terms and policies.

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