Since 1942, the United States has observed February as Black History Month. Here at CBSNewYork, we’re celebrating it by recognizing accomplished black New Yorkers. 1010 WINS’ Larry Mullins reports on 7 names – including some very big names – making it big, and making a difference.

Gen. Colin L. Powell

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(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx, Gen. Colin Luther Powell became the 65th United States Secretary of States under President George W. Bush from 2001- 2005, the first African American to serve in that position. He was also National Security Advisor from 1987-1989.

Gen. Colin Powell tells 1010 WINS’ Larry Mullins about his rise – and how he’s bad at sports

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Dr. Roscoe Brown

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Dr. Roscoe Brown (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Roscoe C. Brown, Jr. is one of the Tuskegee Airmen and former squadron commander of the 100th Fighter Squadron of the 332nd Fighter Group. He graduated from the Tuskegee Flight School on March 12th, 1944 as member of class 44C-SE and served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in Europe during World War II. Captain Brown was one of the 15 pilots who host down the advanced German Me-262 Jet fighter.

Roscoe Brown talks about breaking down racial barriers

Actress and Activist Ruby Dee

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Ruby Dee (Photo by Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

Ms. Dee, along with her late husband Ossie Davis is considered black royalty. This Oscar nominated actress was raised in Harlem and went on to star in many Broadway shows as well as movies. She was also a fierce civil rights activist. Ruby and Ossie were recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors in 2004.

Ruby Dee on her biggest inspiration

More: Larry Mullins With Ruby Dee

Singer Patti Austin

106749486 1010 WINS Celebrates Black History Month

Patti Austin (credit: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

Ms. Austin was born in Harlem, made her debut at the Apollo Theater at age 4 and had a contract with RCA Records when she was only 5. She charted over twenty R & B songs and Quincy Jones and Dinah Washington have proclaimed themselves as her godparents.

Singer and funny girl Patti Austin on being an all-around entertainer

More: Larry Mullins With Patti Austin

Cheryl Smith, Executive Chef, Global Soul Restaurant

chef cheryl smith cooking in her kitchen at global soul restaurant 2 1010 WINS Celebrates Black History Month

(credit: 1010 WINS)

Chef Cheryl Smith has cooked in some of the finest kitchens in New York City which led to her own show, Melting Pot, on the Food Network. She’s been featured on other programs such as Soul Kitchen, My Country/My Kitchen, Emeril’s Holiday Special, Sara Moulton’s Cooking Live, to name a few. Chef Smith can be found mixing it up in her own restaurant, Global Soul, in the heart of Brooklyn.

Cheryl Smith talks about how her heritage affects her work

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Sandra E. Timmons, President of ‘A Better Chance’

sandra e timmons president of a better chance head shot 1010 WINS Celebrates Black History Month

(credit: Sandra E. Timmons)

Sandra E. Timmons is President of A Better Chance, the largest and only national organization of its kind, changing the life trajectory for academically talented youth of color via access to rigorous and prestigious educational opportunities for students in grades 6-12.

Sandra Timmons tells 1010 WINS’ Larry Mullins why she started her foundation

More: Larry Mullins With Sandra Timmons

Ricardo James, Founder & President of Fashion House Academy

ricardo james founder pres of fasion house academy pic 3 1010 WINS Celebrates Black History Month

(credit: 1010 WINS)

Ricardo James started Fashion House Academy in the summer of 2008 as an 8 day summer intensive program, teaching kids in Queens Village how to design, style and create a fashion collection. The “boot camp” was so successful that the following year it expanded to a 9-12 week summer and fall program. They are now in the process of launching 2 satellite programs.

Ricardo James on the inspiration of his “superfly” uncle, and how he chose to not become a product of his environment

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  1. yo says:

    why do you have pic of hopefully soon to be impeached liar racist -general eric holder?

    1. jimmy says:

      I agree…what an embarassment he is. Holder even looks like a rat.

  2. L Ron Hubub says:

    White history is coming to a grinding halt because we have given credence to this absurdity

  3. LogicNotHuff says:

    Colin Powell shouldn’t be celebrated …. he should be publicly censured for endorsing Communist Islamic Barack Obama for the presidency. Delete Colin Powell from the list.

  4. Kofi Ayim says:


    Check a piece on my new book “JACK CUDJO-Newark’s Revolutionalry Soldier & First Black Businessman” by Star Ledger columnist Bob Braun at
    Search “JACK CUDJO” for the piece.

  5. ML/NJ says:

    So will Dr. Water E. WIlliams get a WINS segment?

  6. Francisco Garcia says:

    how about making a brawn history month, or for that matter a yellow history month.

  7. Black history gospel singers says:

    In the capital of scotland – brand new Orleans, you get a really feel associated with voodoo and also black miracle inside aged fraction. Although some people don’t rely on this kind of, you’ll find other people who have fantastic …black history

  8. Black history month lyrics says:

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