black history month calendar Black History Month: Historical Events Calendar

February 1, 1960 – The Greensboro 4 sit in re-ignited the civil rights movement. Read More

February 2, 2009 – Eric Holder was sworn in as the first African American Attorney General. Read More

February 3, 1870 – On this day the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified giving African-American men the right to vote. Read More

February 4, 1913 – Civil Rights Activist Rosa L. Parks was born. Read More

February 5, 1934 – Henry “Hank” Aaron was born in Mobile, AL. Read More

February 6, 1993 – Tennis Great Arthur Ashe died. Read More

February 7, 1791 – Inventor & Surveyor Benjamin Banneker began to help lay out Washington D.C. Read More

February 8, 1944 – Harry S. McAlpin became the first African American journalist to admitted to a White House press conference. Read More

February 9, 1995 – Dr. Bernard A. Harris Jr. became the first African American Astronaut to walk in space. Read More

February 10, 2007 – Pres. Barak Obama formally announced the start of his Presidential campaign in Springfield IL. Read More

February 11, 1989 – Reverend Barbara C. Harris was ordained as the first female bishop of the Episcopal Church. Read More

February 12, 1909 – The NAACP was founded. Read More

February 13, 1920 – Andrew Rube Foster organized the National Association of Professional Baseball Club
(Negro League). Read More

February 14, 1920 – Mammie Smith became the first African American woman to make a record. Read More

February 15, 1965 – Singer & Entertainer Nat King Cole died in Santa Monica, CA. Read More

February 16, 1970 – Joe Frazier became the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Read More

February 17, 1963 – Basketball great Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. Read More

February 18, 1688 – The first formal protest against slavery was passed in Germantown, PA. Read More

February 19, 1992 – John Singleton became the first African American Director to receive an Academy Award Nomination for Boz N The Hood. Read More

February 20, 1895 – Frederick Augusta Douglass died in Washington D.C. Read More

February 21, 1965 – Malcom X was assassinated. Read More

February 22,  1989 – Colonel Fredrick Drew Gregory became the first African American Astronaut to command the Space Shuttle Discovery. Read More

February 23, 1868 – William Edward Burghardt DuBois was born in Barrington, Mass. Read More

February 24, 1842 – Entrepreneur, Abolitionist &Inventor James Forten, Sr. died in Philadelphia, PA. Read More

February 25, 1870 – Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi was sworn in as the first African American U.S. Senator. Read More

February 26, 1926 – Theodore “Tiger” Flowers became the first African American Middleweight boxing champion. Read More

February 27, 1988 – Figures skater Debbie Thomas became the first African American to win a medal at the winter Olympics. Read More

February 28, 1977 – Comedian Eddie “Rochester” Anderson died in Los Angeles, Calif. Read More

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