Choosing a caregiver for your child can be a nerve-wracking and difficult endeavor, but there are agencies that specialize in finding the perfect person for your family, along with other resources.

For instance, check your pediatrician’s office bulletin board. Often parents list their nannies that are now available and you can get great references from the office staff and parents. You can also advertise in elementary school newsletters where parents of older kids may be looking to find work for their nannies during the day while their kids are at school.

If you’re looking for more flexible babysitting or even for an au pair try the job boards at local colleges such as Columbia, Fordham and Marymount Universities.

If you do choose to opt for an agency, here are some of our top recommendations.

by Rebecca Levey

Pavillion Agency

pavillion agency Find A Nanny Or Au Pair In NYC


15 East 40th Street
Suite 400
New York NY, 10016
(212) 889-6609

With the establishment of the Nanny Authority, Pavillion set itself apart as the preeminent family-staffing agency in NYC. They provide thorough background checks and top of the line applicants. They have been placing household staff in homes since 1962 and deal exclusively in high end staffing. Past clients even include United States Presidents!

Frances Stewart Agency

frances stewart agency Find A Nanny Or Au Pair In NYC


1220 Lexington Avenue
Suite 2B
New York, NY 10028
(212) 439-9222

The Frances Stewart Agency specializes in baby nurses and nannies. They are known for having a talent for finding the perfect help for new parents. They also have nannies that are especially trained to care for preemies, multiples and all childcare situations. We especially like that they offer a 30 day trial period to make sure that your nanny is a perfect fit for your family.

Au Pair in America

au pair in america Find A Nanny Or Au Pair In NYC

(credit: Au Pair in America)

River Plaza 9 West Broad Street
Stamford, CT 06902
(800) 928-7247

Although they are based in CT, this agency services many NYC families. Au Pair in America is the first legal au pair program, designated by the US Government in 1986. You can register at the site to browse through potential Au Pairs and the agency will provide one to one assistance with matching. They offer various levels of childcare and time commitments to help you decide what your needs are and how to best hire the right person for your family.

Rebecca Levey is a blogger with Beccarama
Comments (3)
  1. Michelle says:

    Most live-in child care help requires the use of a car. And what’s wrong with that? It helps with convenience and flexibility. I’m on my 4th au pair with Au Pair in America and have never been happier. An au pair might not be for everyone, but if you have the extra room in the house and want a very enriching experience for your kids, they’re a great option. I was shocked by how much cheaper it was than day care!

  2. Edina Stone says:

    Hiring an au pair is a very popular and cost effective childcare option. Yes, all au pair agencies are different and some are better than others regarding program fees; quality of au pairs and overall customer service. If you want to be an educated parent who makes the best childcare choices, you need to research all 12 au pair agencies. Ratings and reviews of all au pair agencies are now available, the first time in decades. Know More, Choose Better.
    Edina Stone,

  3. Germaine says:

    Au Pair in America requires the use of a car. They do really like a shared car either. AuPairs cannot get full backround checks and if you interview the person via phone you are never sure who you are talking to (bait & switch)

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