hoboken st patricks day Hoboken St. Patricks Day Parade Guide
Ahh, Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day. The first Saturday of March in the New Jersey city traditionally becomes a place to relive the debauchery of your college St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. As the city celebrates its 25th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, we have your guide to making the most of the all-day festivities.

The Basics

st patricks day parade hoboken org Hoboken St. Patricks Day Parade Guide

Parade Start Time: 1 p.m. at the corner of 14th & Washington Street.  (But it really isn’t about the parade).

The St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at local drinking establishments usually begins several hours prior to the parade start time. In fact, most bars along the parade route are opening at 9 a.m. To avoid waiting in ridiculous lines, try to get to your destination by 11 a.m. And today isn’t the day to bar hop. By noon, you’ll be stuck on the sidewalk if you’ve yet to pick a drinking locale.

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Eat beforehand. J.P.’s Bagel Express is just steps away from the PATH train on Newark Street will be serving green bagels so you can fuel up for a long day of shenanigans.

Getting To Hoboken

path trains Hoboken St. Patricks Day Parade Guide
Parking in Hoboken is a tough and tedious task all 365 days of the year. On this particular day, it’s nearly impossible. Visitors are urged to take public transportation. Coming from NYC, you can pick up the PATH Train at the following locations:

33rd St & 6th Ave
23rd St & 6th Ave
14th St & 6th Ave
9th St & 6th Ave
Christopher St & Hudson St.

NJ Transit buses run from the second level of Port Authority. The bus route is 126, and rides are $3.25 each way. While they usually run along Washington Street, they’ll be re-routed on parade day.

NJ Transit trains are running extra service the day of the parade. For service advisories, click here.

If you do decide to drive (and we strongly suggest you don’t), your best option for parking is at municipal garages.

Rules & Regulations

Two words: Zero tolerance. According to the city’s official Web site, Hoboken issued more than 500 summonses during the 2010 St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t be that guy. You can receive fines of up to $2,000 for the following:

–       Possessing/drink from an open container in public
–       Urinating in public
–       Disorderly/unsafe house parties
–       Improper behavior

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For more information on the parade, click here.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Isn’t St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, not on the 4th.

  2. BDAY55 says:

    Hoboken = Drunk Training University

  3. michelle says:

    Great! Another year of beligerant drunks urinating all over Washington Street. JOY!!!!

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