109064291 New York Fashion Week: Zang Tois Timeless Beauties Debuts

Elegant, sophisticated, stylish. There’s no question why Zang Toi named his Fall 2011 collection, which he debuted at New York Fashion Week, Timeless Beauties. By Brooke Sager.

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109064479 10 New York Fashion Week: Zang Tois Timeless Beauties Debuts
‘Chic-sophistication’ was the M.O. of this collection. The color palette was mostly neutral—camels, charcoals, blacks and nudes. It was Toi’s use of luxe fabrics, like cashmere, silk and velvet, that kept the collection timeless while still giving it a fashionable feel.

Classic pieces, like high-wasted pants, tweed peacoats and turtlenecks were frequent on the runway. His daytime looks were versatile, making it easy to go from the office setting to dinner at Babbo.

Kilts And Side-Buckles

109063674 10 New York Fashion Week: Zang Tois Timeless Beauties Debuts
Great news—you don’t have to plan on retiring that kilt you bought last fall. The trend is coming back again this yes, but with a fresh twist. We’re used to seeing kilts and side-buckles in mini-skirt form. In this collection, the kilted look was showing up on silk pencil skirts as well.

Asymmetrical pieces are all over the runway right now—the kilt’s side-buckle is a subtler spin off that trendy look.


109064855 10 New York Fashion Week: Zang Tois Timeless Beauties Debuts
Just as the experts predicted, shades of green made a splash at NYFW this winter. What really stood out about Toi’s collection was his use of brilliant emerald. He accented many of his dressier looks with jewelry, or fur collars and cuffs in the lavish color. Necklines of gowns were just dripping with emerald crystals. It gave his nightwear a luxurious feel.

Spurts of this royal color grew more abundant as the show went on. When an extravagant gown made of emerald silk mousseline glided down the runway, it dropped the jaws of everyone in the audience—including New York’s own Real Housewife, Ramona Singer, who was sitting front row.

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Brooke Sager is a New York City-based freelance writer specializing in beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. She writes at HIHEELZ.


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