feature fallsneakpeak1 New York City Shopping: Be a Fitness Fashionista

Photo courtesy Lululemon

Let’s be honest, not all spandex is created equal. Those tight black yoga pants can either make your rump look tantalizing, or gargantuan…and don’t even get me started on uniboob bras.

You workout to look good, so why not look good while you’re working out. Here are some of New York’s finest fitness fashion locales:


East 66th
Lincoln Square
Union Square

This is the place to go if you want to look adorable in your yoga class or in while running that 5K. I am OBSESSED with their pants, which somehow have a magical ability to make my butt look firm and lifted without actual help from my butt. Their yoga tops are great as well, but for aerobic exercise I would stick to a running specific shop for wicking wear and more supportive sports bras. Added bonus, they offer free yoga classes in their stores and Bryant Park.

The Running Company

1059 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10065
(212) 223-8109

Chews, goos, belts, bottles, watches, shoes, bras, hats, and sweat resistant everything. In regard to fashion forward gear this store definitely favors function over form, but beyond the basics here there is some cute stuff stocking the shelves—added bonus, you know it’s good quality.


610 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
(212) 529-0081

Favorite part of this store is that it carries Stella McCartney’s fashion line. Stella, is a rock star in her own right, when it comes to designing trendy gear that actually holds its own in regard to fitness function. The rest of the store is what you would expect, multiple sports designated area, super friendly sales folk, and a pretty generous stock to go through. But yeah, check out Stella while you’re there.


6 E 57th St.
New York, NY 10022
(212) 891-6453

It’s big; it’s stocked with pretty much everything you could ever need for in regard to sporting garb, regardless of the sport. It’s a big store so I wasn’t expecting much in regard to service but I have to say that their staff was attentive without being stalkery. Gear is trendy and reliable. Staff is on hand to give you training tips.

JackRabbit Sports

Union Square, Upper East Side, Park Slope-Brooklyn
(212) 727-2980

Okay, in regard to clothing this store has a pretty limited inventory, although it does stock stuff for runners, cyclers, tri-athletes, swimmers, and yogis. The stock is reliable brands you know, and relatively basic. Their personal line of head and body gear is super cheap and very functional. The element that this store excels in is shoe fitting. If you are looking for running or cycling shoes the expert staff their will guide you into the right pair of sneaks. Runners hop aboard a treadmill and get their stride recorded and analyzed, and voila a perfect shoe appears out of nowhere (or the stock room). Once you spend $100 there you will forever have a 10% discount, not bad.


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