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No confirmation yet on who exactly shut down the city's website, but Anonymous is taking responsibility
New and disturbing claims about Cosby's affairs with women are coming from a longtime NBC network employee
Judge to allow suspect's confession in 1979 choking death of 6-year-old Brooklyn boy in landmark missing child case
Man freed after serving nearly 40 years in prison for a double murder he says he didn't commit, has been convicted of sexually assaulting two children
Local activist says "I do not think these police officers left home to kill a black child," but questions abound in shooting over fake gun
Prosthetic arms or legs normally cost thousands of dollars, but a UNC student has made a functioning hand at a much more affordable price
What can be done to rebuild the nation's crumbling infrastructure and pay for the work?; President Obama and his Iranian counterpart have something in common; foods of the future
It's only in the growler that the selling of craft beer is banned in Florida, something one bar owner is fighting in court
City's streets were quiet Sunday night, but same couldn't be said for St. Louis neighborhood of Shaw
In her first TV interview, Aaron Alexis' sister says her family had concerns for years, and urges other families dealing with mental illness to get help