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Bowe Bergdahl's lawyer reveals what Army officer recommends after reviewing evidence against ex-Taliban captive
Recovery begins for small town caught in third worst fire in state's history, with some starting from nothing
The Secret Service agent credited with saving President Ronald Reagan's life in 1981 is being mourned
With dangerous encounters between drones and aircraft increasing, California and FAA take action
Jerry Parr pushed Reagan inside presidential limo after John Hinckley Jr. shot him outside the Washington Hilton in 1981
He made his first appearance in a professional kitchen at the age of twelve after he convinced the restaurant’s owner he was of legal age
Long ago, she was a mighty symbol of our country, and today the liner SS United States languishes at a dock in Philadelphia rusting away, possibly doomed for the scrapyard.
Less than one month ago, residents of Middletown, California were driven from their homes as a wildfire raced through their community
FanDuel and DraftKings were involved in a scandal that’s compared to insider trading on wall street, which has led to new attention on the political prediction website, “Predict it.”
Another relic of the 20th century bites the dust. The very last cards for library card catalogs have been printed and shipped