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Jordyn Leopold was able to get her pro hockey-playing dad closer to home simply by writing to her home team
National Intelligence Director James Clapper told Charlie Rose there's an irony in the debate over government intrusion
Calls for investigation of FEMA follow "60 Minutes" report that agency overlooked falsified engineering reports made by insurance companies to save on damage claims
More parents are asking for vaccines to be delayed and pressuring doctors to amend vaccine schedules for kids. CBS medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips joins Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Greene with the latest on the vaccine debate and whether or not they can actually cause harm.
Kanye West had some fun with his speech at Oxford University. CBSN's Anne-Marie Greene and Vladimir Duthiers share the best moments of Kanye's speech captured on Twitter.
Pope Francis has called for an end to the 'intolerable brutality' displayed by Islamic militants. The Vatican's head of security has acknowledged the existence of threats from Islamic militants concerning a possible attack. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Greene have the details.
Law enforcement officials are looking into new ISIS threats directed at Twitter. ISIS uses social media to reach potential recruits and disseminate propaganda. CBSN's Anne Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers are joined by CBS Justice correspondent Jeff Peges with the latest details.
FEMA is facing strong criticism from Capitol Hill after a "60 Minutes" investigation into an insurance program set up for victims of Hurricane Sandy detailed allegations of widespread fraud.
A baby Husky appears to think he can talk! The puppy named Ramsey sounds a lot like a whimpering baby. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers has more on this cute puppy's baby babble.
Frazier Glenn Miller allegedly asked how many Jews he had killed after the April 2014 attacks in Kansas