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President Obama takes tough and unprecedented steps to combat climate change through limiting emissions on coal-burning power plants
"The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart has announced his final guests before departing from the program
Police officer Sean Bolton was shot multiple times by a passenger during a traffic stop and a person of interest is in custody
A strong storm in Chicago brought down a tent at a fair, killing one and injuring 20 others
A warrant has been issued in the arrest of a 29-year-old man in connection with the slaying of an officer during a routine stop
A newlywed couple took a different approach to their honeymoon, by finding dozens of different occupations

Jack of all trades

Heath Padgett and his wife Alyssa travel across the country in a used RV to work for just one day in all 50 states
Donald Trump leads in the polls but is he ready for the debate and will Joe Biden throw his name in?
At least 6,000 homes and businesses are in danger north of San Francisco from a fire that has already consumed 47,000 acres
Officials are still probing the death of a black man shot by two white officers in an Ohio Walmart amidst similar shootings