Rankings are updated every Monday of the NBA season.

Rank   Team Record   Change   Comment
1 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors 35-6
Klay Thompson dropped 37 points in a blistering third quarter. He "only" finished with 52 points on Friday night. The Warriors keep rolling.
2 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks 36-8
The Hawks’ fifteenth straight win came at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Atlanta has a seven-game lead in the East.
3 Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies 31-12
The only loss in a productive week came to Dallas. Memphis has three home games in the next four outings. They face the Mavericks in a return trip.
4 Portland Trail Blazers Portland Trail Blazers 32-13
LaMarcus Aldridge decided to skip thumb surgery and continue the season. So far, the decision looks good. The Blazers earned a huge win over Washington.
5 Houston Rockets Houston Rockets 30-14
Houston’s rematch with Golden State didn’t go well. James Harden then hit a game winner over Phoenix. The Rockets have split their last six games.
6 Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks 30-14
▲ 2
The Mavericks have a huge week coming up. Their only recent setback was a loss to Chicago.
7 Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers 29-14
▲ 3
The Clippers won both of their games during the week. They have a tough opponent on Sunday in the Phoenix Suns.
8 Washington Wizards Washington Wizards 29-15
▼ 2
Back-to-back losses to Oklahoma City and Portland didn’t help the Wizards’ cause. They still remain the second seed in the Eastern Conference.
9 Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls 29-17
Chicago had a couple of big games over the weekend and stood tall in both, ousting San Antonio and Dallas. The Bulls have an interesting week coming up.
10 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs 28-17
▲ 1
The Spurs have won five of the last six games. San Antonio has a real opportunity to make a move in the conference before all-star break.
11 Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors 28-15
▼ 4
The Raptors have dropped out of the race for first place in recent weeks. The next two weeks could put them back in the hunt. Kyle Lowry was named as an All-star starter.
12 Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns 26-19
Phoenix is not giving up that final playoff spot. They still suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Rockets in their last game.
13 Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers 25-20
▲ 1
Cleveland moved into the fifth position after six straight wins. The Cavaliers have a new look team, and they are rising fast. Their win over Oklahoma City was a statement.
14 Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder 22-22
▲ 1
The Thunder lost to Cleveland during Sunday’s showcase game. Oklahoma City has dropped two straight games.
15 Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks 22-21
▼ 2
Milwaukee earned a huge win over Detroit. They’ve dropped to the six spot in the Eastern Conference race.
16 New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans 22-21
New Orleans is three games out of the final playoff spot in the west. Anthony Davis is back from a toe injury. The Pelicans followed up a loss to the Knicks with wins over the Lakers and Timberwolves.
17 Miami Heat Miami Heat 20-24
▲ 1
Miami has played .500 ball this month. They have a favorable schedule going into the All-Star break. Miami smothered the Bulls on Sunday.
18 Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets 18-25
▲ 1
The Nuggets lost five straight games, and Ty Lawson was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Lawson was averaging a double-double before the incident.
19 Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets 19-26
▲ 2
Charlotte won eight of 10 games and moved into the final playoff spot. Still, the Hornets got blown out by Cleveland for the second time. Charlotte has a road trip coming up.
20 Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings 16-27
Sacramento Kings were witnesses to Klay Thompson’s shooting display. They’ve lost six in a row, and the promising season has spiral downward fast.
21 Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons 17-27
▼ 4
The Pistons fear Brandon Jennings has torn his Achilles tendon. This could be the biggest injury in the NBA season to date.
22 Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn Nets 18-26
The Nets road trip quickly turned into a train wreck. A 39-point and a 35-point loss in back-to-back games is not the way to vie for a playoff spot. Next game is against Portland.
23 Utah Jazz Utah Jazz 16-28
▲ 2
Utah won a pair of home games last week. They have three more to go on the five-game home stand. First, they must take care of business against Boston.
24 Orlando Magic Orlando Magic 15-31
Orlando had a rough four-game stretch, but they have a chance to get a big home win. The Magic should be in contention for that final playoff spot.
25 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics 15-26
▲ 1
Boston won two of their first three road games on this west coast trip. They faced the Golden State Warriors Sunday night. Boston is still in the playoff hunt.
26 Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers 15-30
▼ 3
Indiana can’t buy a win on the road, and they’ve lost seven in row overall. The Pacers take on Orlando.
27 Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers 12-32
The demise of Kobe Bryant could be imminent. He’s expected to be out for the rest of the season due to a shoulder injury. Yet, that’s good news for the Lakers.
28 New York Knicks New York Knicks 8-37
▲ 2
The Knicks won three straight before losing a double-digit lead to Charlotte. New players have brought life to the Knicks’ roster. New York has three nationally televised games coming up.
29 Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers 8-36
▼ 1
Philadelphia has lost five straight games, including a game to New York. Three of those losses were by 18 points or more. Carter-Williams averages 15 points and seven assists.
30 Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves 7-35
▼ 1
Minnesota is on a three-game losing streak and have the lowest win total in the NBA. Face off with the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday night.