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  1. Rob Treble says:

    Thanks for ripping Hank. He had it coming. Its nice to see someone make comments to a person face and not behind their backs. This guy Richard who leaves messages needs to get a life. Great show I love to listen. Not to big on when you have special needs person on the phone and you make it a comic bit but it seems that happens less these days anyway. Oh yeah by the way. Mets Fans for Yxxxxxxx makes me sick. As a Met fan, born and raised in flushing Queens, I would never be able to take you a game at “our ” stadium until you have seen the error of your ways. Be a Yxxxxxx fan, my own brother is a Yxxxxxx fan. I don’t hate the fans I hate the team. When they play the Phillies I root for the Phillies. Real Met fans don’t root for the Yxxxxxx ever. Ever.
    One last thing. Whole lotta love is more sexy with a girl singing it, not that LZ is not one of the greatest ever but, when a girl is singing about wanting a whole lotta love it is better than Robert Plant saying it. Adds a new dynamic. Just sayin’

  2. richard says:

    Carty baby,
    Just remember, it’s all about you. Ask a question and give 5 answers so we can all see how smart you are. ALL ABOUT YOU.

  3. richard says:

    Don’t ever forget, we listen to the show in spite of you. Not because of you. The ratings would be much higher if boomer had a real partner and not a soap opera loser.

  4. richard says:

    Carton, You were one of those guys in highschool we goofed on all the time but you had no idea. You always were so self absorbed you thought we were friends. Pathetic, Getting a toilet for your birthday should have been a clue. Please stop fawning over the jocks that come on your show and just come out of the closet. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lot’s of gay men have families. I know your wife has the big strapon in the drawer by the bed.

  5. Richard says:

    The reason you feel no juice over this weeks Giant playoff game is because Giant fans listen to sports radio. Not your soap opera. Giant fans are men who want to talk football.
    We don’t want to talk about naked women on the internet, our “junk” and certainly not your junk.
    Giant fans are men and don’t need to call a show to speak to a 42 y/o who tries to act about 15. My son, who is a freshman in college is more mature than you.
    That is why you feel no juice.

  6. bobbyde says:

    Let’s go Josh Krajcik!!!!!!!!!! Only fear is all the bubble gum chewers will distort the voting or the wacko’s that like rap will screw everything up. But, not to worry. Josh will definitely have a great future after this competition. I’m in line for his first album! Go Josh, go!

  7. richard says:

    How big are your biceps??? How much can you bench press??? Stop “beating around the bush”. Stop the bull about how hot Jeter’s threesome might be when we all know how you really “roll”.
    Come out, come out wherever you are.
    email me.

  8. Richard says:

    Did you ever wonder why a guy like Don Shula treats you like a piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe. You don’t call him Kiddo. But maybe you just don’t care.
    You need to go to sirrius radio where you can be with your idol, Howard Stern. Maybe he would massage your groin. You’d probably like that more than if your wife (poor woman) did it.
    Your biggest fan,

  9. Vance Richardson says:

    Grantland Rice not Grambling Rice

  10. john the jet hater says:

    HEY CARTON!!!!!!!!! wat about them J E T S JETS JETSSSSS JETSSS!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA no more college and high schoole teams for that LOUD MOUTH FAT SLOB rex ryan haaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa YOUR LUCK RAN OUT JETS FANS!!!!!! THATS RIGHT LUCK LOOSERSSSSSSSSS

  11. mw says:

    please thank howard stern onair everday . do you have to send him royalty checks?

  12. Jose says:

    on the post season schedule on CNNSI, they made a goof on thier site, they have the Phillies vs. the Reds but the team symbol for the reds is wrong, they instead have the Rays team symbol, not sure if they catch it before this reaches you but it’s interesting and could also be an omen as to this years World Series. I hate to think because I am a Yankee fan Attached the link, thanks You, Jose fellow Huguenot from new Rochelle,

  13. Jared says:

    hey carton i was just wondering where do you do sports betting?

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