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  1. Martin Katz says:

    Mr. Ross,

    My name is Martin Katz. Twice today, on San Francisco’s CBS radio station, KCBS, I heard your report about the Penn State scandal, glory and fatherhood. I was lucky to catch it twice. After the second time, I knew I just had to write to thank you for this piece. Your pieces are always very much worth listening to, whether you’re presenting something ironic or absurd and comical, or something ironic, absurd and serious. Today’s piece was about something horrible: the Penn State scandal and Coach Paterno as a “father figure.” I’m going to be 61 in February, Mr. Ross, and I grew up in South Bend, Indiana, home, you know, the University of Notre Dame. Coach Parseghian lived a block and a bit from where I grew up. Growing up at that time, or afterwards, college football was exciting and important to us, in a natural way. We got to “know” who and how good Penn State’s coach, Joe Paterno, was, and we’ve gotten to revere him, as we do many “good” things and people we grew up with. Your piece today, with its emphasis on glory, fatherhood and Coach Paterno as a “father figure” was powerful and touching, but not in a “soft” way. The play on words regarding the coach’s last name and father figures, combined with what’s been brought to light in the development of the scandal, hit home for anyone truly concerned with “family values” (rather than just with campaign slogans) and raising young people by being there, caring for them (and looking out for them) and by giving them the true nutrients that budding human beings (or sprouts, too) need to grow healthy, wholesome and strong. Your piece today was, in a way, riveting and confirming. Thank you, Mr. Ross, for always expressing down-to-earth common sense, but with acutely intelligent insight, and in your, to put it mildly, characteristically articulate way. You are more than well worth listening to. Thank you very much, Mr. Ross. Continued success to you, and more power to those who, like you, express healthy, encouraging and humane messages.

    Sincerely and appreciatively,

    Martin Katz

  2. Shazah says:


    Just want to thank you for your sensible commentary on how the hearings on “Radical Islam” are actually helping to dispel some myths about Muslim-Americans. More journalists need to be responsible and encourage those who have never met Muslims to actually visit their local mosques. Perhaps we also need to point out, however, that hearings like this aren’t exactly warranted. No group of people should have to actively counter terrorism in order to “earn” its full rights as a citizen.

  3. Karen Kirk says:

    You were completely off base today about having a mom lie to the school district just to get her child into a better school district than her own. She CHOSE a more affordable, less education-focused district in which to buy her home. She is cheating the other district out of thousands of dollars which could go to paying teachers. AND she is teaching her child that lying no matter what is acceptable. A good education at any cost? Sure, if the cost is her integrity.

  4. Luis Leon says:

    In regard to your commentary on the tragedy in Arizona…

    ANYBODY can stockpile unlimited amounts of weaponry and ammo!!! REALLY! Where? Facts please???

    Those “RED FLAGS” were ignored by liberal/leftist pukes such as yourself.

    Many Americans have decided that your LAME gun control arguments are hypocrisy of the highest order. Thats is why they are arming themselves and taking RESPONSIBILITY for their own protection.

    “The rest of us get to shield our loved ones and be heroes.”???

    If your choice is to be a coward and cower/cover your loves ones while getting shot. Well then that’s your right.

    I fear a dishonest fellow American such as yourself MORE than I fear some random crazed gunman.

    Luis Leon

    P.S. The 2nd Amendment IS in the Bill of Rights for a reason… Educate yourself… Stop spreading lies…

  5. Andrew Bravo says:

    Heard your comment today regarding the alliens. Where can I find it in priint?

  6. Cheri SweetJackson says:

    Sat., Oct. 16th you talked about causes of death – cancer – man made – please let me know what I have to do to get a transcript of this. Thank you!

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