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88damer Gordon DamerAs the afternoon drive sports anchor, Gordon Damer brings his unique humor and insight to WCBS Newsradio 880. With a razor sharp wit, an unparalleled passion and a basic grasp of the English language, Gordon is one of the up and coming voices in radio today. Damer began his radio career as a sports intern with WCBS back in 1992.

Born in Queens, raised on Long Island and now living in NJ, Gordon got his 1st on air job with 1010 WINS in October of 1996 on the same night that the Yankees clinched the World Series against the Braves. Gordon also can be seen on YES network as a host of This Week in Football and as part time host for Yankees batting practice today as well as Nets pre and post game shows.

Gordon graduated from St John’s University, where he earned a B.A. in communications while also minoring in playstation. Damer and his wife Maureen currently reside in Bloomfield NJ along with their son Jack. Gordon’s teams are the Yankees, Dolphins, Knicks and St. John’s and anyone who can beat the Jets. His heroes include Don Mattingly, Dan Marino, Rowdy Roddy Piper and the guy who invented surf and turf. In his free time Gordon enjoys Playstation 3, Scrabble, rubbing his dog Buster’s belly as well his favorite tv shows “The Wire”, “Lost” and “Seinfeld”.

Top 5 Favorite Sports Moments:
1) Game 6 1996 World Series
2) Marino fake spike vs the Jets.
3) Rowdy Roddy Piper hits Jimmy Snuka in the head with a coconut. That moment is burned into my minds eye like it was yesterday
4) The day Isiah Thomas was fired as GM of the Knicks.
5) AJ Duhe game against the Jets.

Top 5 Wishes:
-Dolphins win the super bowl sometime soon
-The Jets never win another Superbowl or even another game.
-That Dave Wannestedt never existed.
-That I could buy the Yankees.
-That the Knicks could have beaten Jordan just once.

Favorite Teams:
Yankees, Dolphins, Knicks, Anyone who beats the Jets, St John’s.

1st Pro Game Ever Attended:
Yankees/White Sox 1983. I got an autograph from Willie Randolph. Good times.

Favorite Olympic Sport:
The closing ceremonies. I love it when it is over!

Top 5 All-Time Favorite Athletes:
Dan Marino, Don Mattingly, Paul O’Neill, Roddy Piper, The guy who finally put Barbaro to sleep.

Top 5 All-Time Favorite movies:
1) The Godfather. All movies lists should not even have number 1. They should stop at #2. #1 should always be The Godfather. It is not even up for debate. Every lesson of life can be learned from “The Godfather”

2) Rocky. Hasn’t every sports movie over the last 30 years been some sort of ripoff of the original ?

3) The Shawshank Redemption. Great movies are defined by the fact that when you see them on you keep saying “I will just watch it until…..” Great every time you watch. If you watch it from start to finish and if you do not tear up a little when Red is on the bus then I don’t know what to tell you. You are not human.

4) Glen Garry Glenross. Great dialog. Great lines. Great cast. If you don’t come out of it asking your friends “What your name?” then I can’t be friends with you.

5) King of Kong-Fistful of Quarters. It is a documentary about 2 guys fighting for the all time high score in Donkey Kong. Dramatic, funny, inspirational and I am not overstating this a bit. Simply the best movie of the last 10 years.

Top 5 All Time TV Shows:
-Seinfeld is only show that I will watch in repeats on a regular basis. Right now Lost, The Wire, The Office, The Shield, Rescue Me, Curb your Enthusiasm, The Wire, Survivor, Amazing Race, The Wire….I really like it okay. I Shouldn’t Be Alive. Locked up abroad. …A few others…

Top 5 Favorite Bands:
Ben Folds, Teddy Thompson, Cake, Pete Yorn, Weezer

What’s on my iPod:
Constantly changing….Thus the beauty of the iPod. I am a big Ben Folds fan. Cake, Death Cab for Cutie, Bad Religion, Pete Yorn, The Shins, Weezer, Teddy Thompson. At last check I had 900 songs so needless to say I have a little bit of everything on there. Heck I even have some John Denver on there!

Most embarrassing moment:
Admitting that I have John Denver on my iPod

Best rounds of golf:
I shot a 49 on Tiger Woods 2005 once. In reality I hope to break 90 consistently one day. So now I just stop playing after the 12th hole.

Top 5 Inventions ever created:
Internet, Tivo, Global Warming, Playstation 2, Grand Theft Auto, Playstation 3.

Guilty pleasure:
Laughing when people fall down

First Joined WCBS880: 9/4/2008
· Most Memorable Interviews: Jorge Posada on the field after a Yankee win over the Reds.

· Role Model: My Mom
· Why I’m A Journalist: I’m a journalist?! When did this happen?
· Alma Mater: St John’s University
· Hometown: Bloomfield NJ
· Pet: My dog Buster a lazy 2 year old English Bulldog
· Hobby: Playstation 3,
· Favorite Food: Pizza. I have never had Pizza and thought afterword “Boy I should have eaten something else. Surf and turf is a close second.
· Favorite Sports Team: Yankees and Dolphins
· Favorite Musicians: Ben Folds, Cake, Teddy Thompson, Death Cab for Cutie
· Favorite Author: Scott Smith
· Favorite Book: “A Simple Plan”
· Favorite Destination: Maui
· Favorite Actors: Russell Crowe, Leo DiCaprio, Marky Mark
Favorite Actress: Evangeline Lilly
· Favorite Movies: 1) Godfather 2) Rocky,3) Shawshank, 4) Glengarry Glen Ross 5) King of Kong Fistful of quarters.
· Favorite TV Programs: The Wire, Lost,
· Hidden Talent: I dominate at Karoke
· Favorite Links: What Would Tyler Durden do.com, Rotoworld.com
· Favorite Quote: “Just when you think you have the answers I change the questions” Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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