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  • glenp

    Please correct your horrifically incorrect article about the WHOOPING COUGH “VIRUS” which is in fact a BACTERIAL INFECTION

  • Mariano


    Ms.Sanchez last night I had the pleasure of speaking with you about whether or not a bag search before entering a shopping center or place of business was appropriate. I was wondering if this aired yet? if it is going to? and if I was fortunate enough to have been a part of the segment? I have been discussing current events with the students I teach and would love to show them your story.

    Staten Island, NY

  • christian

    dear hazel. iam emailing you in the hope you ll be able to help me out.
    You interviewed me in October 2006 in front of Madison garden for the Streisand concert (barbra wows em at the garden)(i was wearing a cow boy pink hat (remenber,) but I haven t been able to see that clip;is there a way to have it? My mother wants to see that too ! you d be fantastic to help me.

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