Jen Ursillo

Jen UrsilloHi, I’m Jen Ursillo, your afternoon Wall Street Journal business anchor on WCBS Newsradio 880.
Even though I live at the Jersey Shore, I am a native New Yorker, so I’m over-the-moon to be sharing these legendary airwaves with such veterans as Pat Farnack, Steve Scott and Wayne Cabot.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seton Hall University where I also had the pleasure of being a big part of the WSOU 89.5 radio community. Go Pirates!

Before coming to The WSJ and WCBS family, you may have heard my voice across New Jersey and the Big Apple for years as I co-hosted many morning radio shows. WRAT, WHTG, WOBM and WJRZ—just to name a few. My famous feature piece was “Jen’s Animal Story.” I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Jim Kerr on Q104.3 here in New York. I was a Shadow Traffic reporter for 7 years…and yes, I did traffic for WCBS 880 back in the ‘90s too.

Some personal info: I am the mother of one son, Ryan. I have a rabbit named Shadow. I love animals! If I could, I would have Noah’s Ark in my house. I’m a diehard Bruce Springsteen fan. My idol is and always will be the great Vivien “Scarlett O’Hara” Leigh (I’m her twin). I enjoy fine wine, cooking, anything coconut, the color purple, going to concerts and plays and traveling.

My Claim To Fame: My “amazin” father, Jim Ursillo was a lefty relief pitcher for the New York Mets in the 1960s—playing with all the greats.

See you on the radio