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Judy DeAngelis

judy1 Judy DeAngelisJudy DeAngelis has been waking up the metropolitan area since 1988. That’s when she joined 1010 WINS as their number one female morning drive anchor. She’s been a favorite ever since.

Judy began in radio on Long Island, at WALK, then ran toward New York City. She was first hired by WCBS-FM, before being lured to WNBC-AM, where she worked with the greats like Don Imus, Soupy Sales, Alan Colmes, Joey Reynolds and others. She also cut her teeth on radio comedy, doing voices and bits for the above-mentioned madmen. (Remember Imus shopping for love in the supermarket – and the bread lady he lusts for?)

When WNBC became WFAN, Judy’s vast knowledge of sports landed her on the street with no job. (The severance, however, bought her a nice backyard pool.) 1010 WINS came a’courting within a week and the rest, as they say, is history.

Before her breakthrough in radio, Judy held down a variety of jobs, including waitress, Broadway star, auto mechanic and brain surgeon. While her dream of winning an Academy Award has yet to be realized, she still has the acceptance speech she wrote and is willing to give it to whomever will listen.

In her off hours, in a sleep deprived state, Judy wanders around the farmhouse she shares with her husband, two daughters, one son, four dogs and the vast number of awards she’s won.

Judy’s show biz dream is still alive. She does voice-overs and hopes someday someone will hire her to do the voices of Saturday morning cartoon characters. (She does a mean Pee-Wee Herman.)