• C.Drake

    I enjoy listening to you. You make the news a pleasure to lsiten to. You are so down to earth.
    Question When are you on now? I don’t hear you ar 1:00 AM but I do hear you sometimes at 8;00 PM Is this your new time?
    I would like to keep up with you if you changed your schedule. Thank you for making boring news stories worth listening to.

  • Bernie Sanders

    You make the news worth listening to i like the spark in your voice and the great way you deliver the news ~

  • helene

    i enjoy your pleasant voice and your personal comments on the news…makes the news easier to listen to…

  • pandora gadson

    I sleep with my radio on, heard your voice and I had to c who this nice sounding person was. Now I know


  • Duran waters

    WOW!!!! I am so proud of you.. this is your first mentee. I so much new stuff to tell you .. I change my last name to Waters and not Ridley… happy early birthday..

  • Michael Hill

    Hi Larry,

    Heard you on the other night as I was working in the house, preparing it for sale and to make one more move. When I heard the voice I thought right away I recognized it but couldn’t place it till you announced your name. Didn’t know you had moved to the big city. Congrats!!
    Michael Hill

    214 674 8846 (my mobile’s the same as it was a decade ago)

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