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  1. J.F. says:

    By chance I happened to come across a WFAN broadcast last night. And I am all the way in Mid State PA. As I listened to the show I thought I was listening to what I could only describe as some young boy sports genius.

    Impressed I said to myself “This must be like what Jesus Christ sounded like when he stayed behind in the Temple when he was 12, and was debating with the Rabbis”. I mean a kid so knowledgeable.

    Then I discovered it was a grown WOMAN speaking!! Then suddenly I felt defrauded. And my praise turned into condemnation and disgust.

    Some people….. including myself, Bill Gates and others have rather unique natural speaking voices. But this I felt was not natural. And I feel that a woman doing this is only acceptable on perhaps the Simpsons, as Bart Simpson is actually done by a woman in voiceover.

    Still the lady knows her stuff. But it loses a lot of value if you initially are unaware who is speaking.

  2. Robert Crawford says:

    Lori Your the perfect Lady. You know more about sports then most guys. Your as smart as you are beautiful. Love your show. Continue with your great career at WFAN. A perfect ten. Lunch on me anytime

  3. Al says:

    Your one of the brightest young sports talk hosts to come along in a long time. Nice work and best of luck to you.

  4. Scott says:

    You want to come to a BBQ, come on down to the shore. We’ll fix you up with fresh seafood and the best grilled food you could want. We’ll be doing it again for the 4TH and will be no shortage of huge sports fans that would love you there. Hit me up at my email….you can get it from the Fan website since I don’t want it broadcast.

  5. Ken G says:


    Iam a big fan of yours. I love your take on all things sports.
    I look forward to the weekends just to tune you in overnight.
    Keep up the GREAT commentary. You have a great future
    ahead of youl

    1. Scott says:

      look at history Lori….1996 Yankees had 21 win Petitte….and no one else over 12 wins….1999 team 17 win El duque….2 14 winners…. 2000 team….19 win pettite no one else over 13 wins,,,,,,mediocre pitching can and has won championships

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