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  1. Michael Hofmann says:

    Hello Ms. Kramer,

    My name is Michael Hofmann. I am the co-founder of Bare Park Pals. We are a volunteer group who tend to the needs of our neighborhood park. The park is American Playground and Newtown Terminal Playground which is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is boardered on three corners(Franklin St./Dupont St./Commercial St). When the Department of Environmental Protection built their sludge tank in the 1980’s, they cut the water lines to the park and the bathroom was taken down. We fought almost 30 years to get a bathroom but were told Parks Department had no money. So I became a member of the Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee(NCMC) which oversees the construction of the upgrade of the water treatment plant. During the course of a meeting with the then Commissioner, I had a thought that DEP should pay for the bathroom since they broke the water lines, and the Commissionetr agreed to put up a bathroom with a donation to parks department of $750,000. The bathroom was finally built about three years ago for $1,200,000. The problem is that the city snuck a homeless shelter one block away from the playground. Not only are the people from the homeless shelter using the bathroom at all hours, but also street homeless as well. this is a PLAYGROUND and parents are not aloud in there unless accompanied by a child, But the homeless scare the children from using the bathroom. Breaking Ground is not helping at all. Anything you can do would really be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Michael Hofmann

  2. Susan says:

    Please get Marcia to any decent beauty salon for a more modern look. Tonight’s mahogany lip liner topped with bubble gum pink gloss was just embarrassing. Marcia desperately needs handling at this point to update and soften her makeup and hair. She is looking desperate and slightly demented and the 2 news family needs to step up with an intervention or gently segue her off camera. It is NOT kind to let her keep making a spectacle of herself nightly and I am at the point of no longer watching your news program when she is on camera, sorry.

  3. Mariaregina says:

    I can’t even pay attention to the news she is delivering , I’m too busy laughing at her insane makeup! It looks like it was put on by a 3 year old!! Does she do her makeup in the dark??? I have to switch channels to actually HEAR the news!

  4. John says:

    Over botoxed over made up – wtf???? Someone help her she needs to buy a new look!!

  5. Allie says:

    This woman needs a makeover! She looks like Tammy Faye Baker!

  6. Maryanne says:

    Someone give her a makeover pleeeeezzzeeee!! Oprah help this woman!

  7. Chris says:

    It loos like her makeup was tattooed on her face!! Crazy dark eye makeup and even crazier lip liner!!! don’t the producers look at her and say Hell No!!!

  8. Maggie says:

    Omg what’s with that makeup?? She looks like a freak!!

  9. Maggie says:

    Omg what is with that makeup??? She looks like a freak!!

  10. Linda says:

    I am so delighted to find others who also commented on Marcia Kramer’s make up and hair. I began wondering if it were just me. I am totally confused why CBS has kept her in front of the camera. Tonight (Dec. 12) she has the eye shadow dripping down the corners of her eyes. Her eyes are discolored, blood shot, or who knows what. The eye shadow color is hideous! Her lips are as bad if not worse. I don’t have words to describe the straw on the top of her head. This goes on night after night. I sometimes am so focused on how terrible she looks, I lose track of the news she is deliivering. She should be behind the scenes and I am saying this as a pro woman advocate. Does she have something on one of the mucky mucks from CBS and they can’t do anything about removing her?

    1. Joesph says:

      Please take Marcia Kramer off the air until she looks normal. Marcia is extremely scary and makes me change the station to channel 4 when she is on camera. Marcia looks like a zombie. I’m sorry but there are some people that should not be placed on camera. Please give her a “behind the camera” position.

    2. G says:

      I like Marcia as a reporter. She has certainly paid her dues and does a good job. However, the hair and make-up is really bad. TONE IT DOWN! Soften the look with a darker blonde, and good haircut that is not in the eyes. And, the eyes definitley need a much more subtle look. Ditch the heavy liner and garish lid color. And finally, the lips. Lighter, please, not so glossy-red. Neutral lipliner is the way to go. A.S.A.P.
      Marcia, don’t want to hurt your feelings, but we are distracted from what you are saying because of this.

  11. Jovita Jimenez says:

    lmao i surf cbs2 news just to comment about marcia kramers make-up n was not the only one she looks horriblr n cbs news needs to drug test her she looks like she get wasted…high whatever u call it…but she really does look horrible for television…

  12. Edmund Singleton says:

    All the women on Channel 2 News go out of their way to look false, all have dyed hair and greasy lips not one ever appears in a natural state…

  13. Paul Ferenzi says:

    You desperately need to hire an image consultant to help you select a decent wardrobe because -your taste is hideous & makes you look heavier than you are. Your makeup is a disaster & those fake lips are sickening. You need a new beautician because your hair is also a disaster.

  14. Bikes Forever says:


  15. Sydney says:

    Really do you look at yourself in a mirror before you are filmed. Your over bleach hair looks like straw and there is no description for your lipstick. You really should go to a good beautician and have something done

    1. Chris Flapp says:

      I agree–your lips are sickening & your hair always reminds me of someone who just tumbled out of bed. You make enough money to see professionals.

    2. Paul says:

      This woman should never look into ANY mirror unless she is wearing a flack jacket! OMG the eye make up even makes HER eyes blood shot, not to say what it does to mine when looking at her! If she needs to be infront of the camera at least have her faceing her back to it~~~for God’s sake DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!! She makes Nancy Polosi look like a pin up girl!!

  16. Bill in Tennessee says:

    My god, what are you NYC metrosexuals whining about, I think Marcia Kramer is one of the hottest babes in media, especially for a non-Fox News outlet. Marcia, girl, come to Tennessee where we know how to appreciate natural beauty and are too polite to make ungentlemanly, snarky comments such as those below.

    1. Edmund Singleton says:

      Take her, she’s yours…

  17. Edmund Singleton says:

    Someone must have told Karmer that greasy lips are attrctive…

  18. Sharon Hesse-Tabor says:


    1. Elaine says:

      Not only is her make up horrrible but tonight (May 20th she looks stoned\.

    2. PAUL says:


  19. Edmund Singleton says:

    Marcia Kramer is being cited for the excessive use of the phrase ‘you know’ (30 times) when she appeared on Eye on New York 10/31/2010…

  20. camilledemere says:

    Marcia Kramer doesn’t monitor these comments, but if you have a newstip, please feel free to visit the CBS 2 page at and either e-mail your newstip or call the desk. Click on “Send us your newstips” under “Got a nose for news?”

  21. saynotoespada says:

    Ms. Kramer – in case you’re interested:

    once again Espada is illegally handing out free fruits and vegetables this Saturday to voters. Here is the information:

    Saturday August 14
    PS 91
    2200 Aqueduct Avenue

    You must call in advance – because they want to check if you are a registered Democrat. But I do hope people show up with video cameras…


    Yours in service, SAYNOTOESPADA

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