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    To: Letters to the Editor Monday, August 30, 2010

    Please feel free to edit the attached article while maintaining the basic theme, concept and point of view! Thank You – Mike De Paoli

    From: Mike De Paoli
    PO Box 511
    Centereach, NY 11720
    Cell Phone: (631)561-1696

    A Real Life Test for NY’s Candidates
    … Will they Accept this Challenge?

    I am going through a Divorce under the the old fault laws of NY that was started in October of 2009. I am in Suffolk County Supreme Court under Index #36305-09, E DePaoli against M DePaoli with the Hon. Carol MacKenzie presiding. My divorce is being challenged by me, a male, in a female courtroom because I am not assuming the over jealous charges launched at me for the dissolution of my long term marriage of almost forty years.

    A sitting, long term judge has allowed the plaintiff’s attorney to file false instrument upon false instrument with the court and has also allowed the plaintiff’s attorney represented by Judd & Moss PC along with the plaintiff to commit not #1, #2 or #3 but unyielding numbers of criminally chargeable acts of perjury. Additionally, the court has refused to appoint me an attorney or unleash any of my assets to attain counsel. I am a Vietnam Veteran with multiple disabilities and cannot find any attorney to represent me throughout Suffolk County. I have gone Pro-se into Federal Court # CV 10-3560 (SJF) (ARL) charging Judge MacKenzie with Violations of my Constitutional & Civil Rights along with Violations of my rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act plus other charges that include biases and prejudices.

    Accordingly, I am asking now if there are any candidates out there that include those running for governor and attorney general who have the courage of their convictions and are willing to step up to the plate and help this American Disabled Veteran get justice.

    I have no counsel, no monies and seek help now! Is there anyone out there that will come to my aid in this real life scenario.

    Mike De Paoli, American Citizen & Vietnam Veteran & Tea Party Advocate
    CP (631)561-1696

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