Rebecca Granet

Rebecca Granet

Rebecca Granet is a multiple award-winning journalist for 1010 WINS and host of the digital talk show, “The Trend with Rebecca Granet.”

Rebecca knew from her earliest years of life that telling people’s stories would be her enduring passion.  She graduated summa cum laude from the Rutgers University Honors Program and School of Communication and Information, with a certificate in sports journalism and women’s leadership. A keynote speaker at several Rutgers conferences for students, Rebecca graduated with numerous academic and professional honors including selection to the Cap and Skull Society, the Kappa Tau Alpha National Honor Society and the Van Wie Ingham Memorial Prize for outstanding knowledge of journalism.

Rebecca spent four years broadcasting for WRSU-FM, Rutgers Radio. During her time there she served as the beat reporter and sideline reporter for Rutgers football and women’s basketball. She was also the host and in-studio producer for many of the Rutgers University football and men’s and women’s basketball pre, post and halftime shows. In her final two years at WRSU-FM, she served as the station’s Program Director.

Some of Rebecca’s notable interviews include Shaquille O’Neal, Joe Namath, Dionne Warwick, ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen, 98 Degrees, and Aretha Franklin. She also conducted an extensive interview with Billie Jean King, and produced and edited a multiple award-winning documentary on the tennis player’s life.

After working at the CBS Sports Radio Network, she followed her passion for reporting and brought her homegrown New Jersey knowledge to 1010 WINS as their New Jersey correspondent.

In 2016 she was honored with several first place awards from The New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists and the Garden State Journalists Association for her breaking and general news reporting.

Rebecca served as executive producer of the 1010 WINS 50th anniversary music video, which she also turned into a television commercial/promo for the station. She was the producer of WCBS-TV’s news feature, “Montone On The Move” which ran on the station for almost three years. Rebecca is currently the host of the digital talk show, “The Trend with Rebecca Granet” and the investigative digital reporter for 1010 WINS producing original, exclusive multimedia reports on issues that deeply impact our area.

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