Richard Neer

Richard Neer (WFAN)

Richard Neer (WFAN)


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  1. shelley n says:

    “Devil in the White City ” is a fantastic book. Be sure to read his other books espeially “Isaaks Storm” . He makes reading about the past like reading the most engrossing novel. I have read them all and am looking forward to more. (hope you read this email, I hate talking on the phone)

  2. bobby de says:

    Sent you an email nov 25 and was wondering if you ever tuned in to Josh Krajcik highlites from the X Factor show. He’s made it to the finals which will be aired this coming Wednesday at 8pm on Fox 5. First prize: 5,000,000.00! Yep,
    5 million! When you see his audition you will be impressed with his version of
    At Last by Etta James. Sadly, she has been diagnosed as terminally ill with lukemia and doesn’t have long to go. I truly hope she had the opportunity to listen to Josh. I’m sure she would have been pleased. Perhaps he will sing it again during the finals in a tribute to her

  3. Bob DeMartin says:

    Richard, I hope you had a chance to listen to Josh Krajcik who’s currently on the X Faxtor show on FOX. I think he’s special. Listen to his audition (go to the longer versions so you can hear comments before and after) of Etta James’ At Last. If you like it go next to: Josh Krajcik at judges house and listen him sing
    Robert Flack’s I Saw Your Face. Lastly, go to Josh Krajcik Wild Horses. Always take the longer version to hear comments before and after. I think this guy is special and I hope you enjoy him, too.

  4. Mike T says:

    Yeah I listen to Rich every time hes on. He gives his callers a chance to speak their minds and comes back with very knowledgeable facts. Saturday mornings wont be the same when he retires.

  5. mike cameron says:

    Richard, with respect to your recent loss, I hope our motley am crew were some comfort.

  6. Walter Kroczak says:

    As a long-time WFAN listener, I wish to say that Richard Neer is FAN’s best host. Not only is he at least as knowledgeable and informed as any broadcaster in the station’s lineup but he is far superior to others in dealing with callers. He is never (as far as I’ve observed) rude, overbearing, or otherwise unpleasant to people on the phone. He lets them have their say. He doesn’t cut them off mid-sentence. I wish some of FAN’s bigger stars were more like Richard. I expect to spend more time listening to him and less to afternoon broadcasts. –Walter Kroczak, Yonkers, NY

    1. tom says:

      richard could you please tell me the song that carlos santanns plays onwith the rollong stones.

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