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  1. What Do I Know? says:

    That canary orange and gray hair….that sexy comb-over…now I know Melania’s attraction to The Donald. He sure has an attractive wallet!

    Seriously, with millions of dollars and fashion stylists at his fingertips, can’t he do something more attractive with that hair of his? I bet if he let it go to it’s natural color, which is probably gray by now (instead of that un-natural orange) and maybe if he got a little more trendy hairstyle, he wouldn’t look like such a caricature of himself. Do it Donald! You would make an awesome presidential candidate in 2012!

  2. Concerned Conservative says:

    I wish the people who heap their hatred upon all Conservatives would take the time to understand what Conservatism is all about? What’s not to like about limited government and individual liberty? The government exists to ensure equal opportunities not equal outcomes. “Spreading the Wealth” or “Socialism” implies that people can’t make the right choices for themselves and the government has to step in and confiscate the fruits of one persons labor and give them to another person who feels that they’re owed to him. Conservatives certainly do want to give people a helping hand when they’re down on their luck but we also believe that the government can’t be all things to all people. Last summer, all NYC public schools were advertising Free Lunch. Now there’s talk of serving dinner in schools too. Why aren’t parents feeding their children? If you’re too poor to feed your kids then you are probably eligible for food stamps. 1 in 5 Americans is receiving food stamps, but in NYC we have to start serving dinner too? Even the poorest homes have laptops and cell phones and flat screen TVs and cars. We must start expecting people to take their responsibilities more seriously and to stop falling for the class warfare rhetoric that makes some people in our society believe that they are poor because someone else is rich. Sacrifice NOW so you can expect a better future for your children tomorrow. Stay in school. Don’t have babies if you don’t have a husband or a job or a high school diploma. What’s so bad about discussing these social issues? Are we not supposed to discuss issues that will make the black or hispanic community upset? Well they are the ones who are leading in the out of wedlock childbirths.

    Conservatives aren’t the enemy. It’s the failed liberal social programs that have doomed generations of children to fatherlessness (because government is the baby daddy) and illiteracy (due to horrific public schools).

    Rampant abortion, breakdown of the nuclear family, generational welfare, failing public schools despite the billions of dollars we spend on public education, middleschoolers having sex, and you can thank a liberal for all of their “help”.

    1. WRK says:

      My sentiments exactly. Thanks for putting it out there.

      1. Louie says:

        You guys are out to lunch

    2. JeffreyG says:

      You’re right; true conservatives are not the problem. Christian zealots are the problem. The sad reality is that the Republican party has been infected by these out of maintream religious fantatics who want to legislate their selectively and heavily edited book of allegorical fairy tales while promoting pointless wars that enrich defense contractors while bankrupting America. Our country is crumbling because we’re fighting a religious war in the Middle East with people who want us to stop meddling in their affairs. The conservative christ cult answer was to meddle more, with bombs and drones and troops. We can thank the born again drunkard, George Bush, for starting these wars. Maybe if we redirected that money to schools and infrastructure, we might be a better nation now. As long as the religious fanatics who see everything in terms of social issues and their god, things cannot get better.

      1. Justin says:

        Spoken truthfully and succinctly, and I heartily agree.

        Who is this Stephen Baldwin anyway??

      2. Sue Darling says:

        I have a bumper sticker that says “The last time we mixed politics & religon people got burned at the stake.” I am always amazed at the diversity of the people who identify as conservative. And it is telling that liberals (who define diversity as “Accept what I am/what I belive in, but I do not have to extend that courtesy to you”) mock them by saying they are has beens, mentally ill, etc. If you can’t accept history just make anyone who doesn’t see things your way deficient in some way.

      3. KerryO says:

        Consersatives and Christians are not the problem Jeffrey, ignorant people like you are. Maybe if you had God in your life you wouldnt be judging people like George Bush for having an alcohol problem. At least he was able to overcome that problem. And as far as going to war, I am sure you were right there with the rest of us wanting someone to pay after 9/11 and now you are acting like you didnt. Maybe if you had God in your life you wouldnt be such a liberal moron judging others for their flaws instead of taking a look in the mirror. As for Obama and his healthcare bill, I am not a wealthy person and my medical bills are only getting worse. I did not have these problems when Bush was president so it isnt just the wealthy that he helped. Maybe I should have five kids with five different men for Obama to help me.

    3. Dorene Hicks says:

      I absolutely agree with everything you said. I also think it is nice to see that some of Hollywood is not impressed by the liberal media and has traditional values. Unfortunatly the liberals take what you said, which is pretty clear in black/white and twist it and make excuses for all of those things. SIck…i will b a Republican for life, cant even undrstand how people dont see it!

    4. JOHN T. FOX says:


  3. sawney bean says:

    Does anyone pick party affiliation by the “stars” who are members?

  4. Nina says:

    That should be Conservative “Stars” because who cares about these misguided idiots?

  5. iyhiuh says:

    Leaning to the right has nothing to do with homesexuality. It has to do with smaller government and more right to the people.

  6. NegaT says:

    There’s 4 dead people on that list, not including Scott Baio’s career.

  7. Carrie H. says:

    Your opinion that Martina McBride ‘leans to the right’ is incorrect. Martina believes in ‘diversity’ and last year she made a statement the’she would welcome gays and lesbians’ into the country music field, and Conservative Nashvillians went berserk and began calling and writing the local papers and tv stations. Things go so bad for her, she took a vacation to Europe until the smoke cleared. Since then she has NOT made any more foolish statements.

    1. CRW says:

      So you are saying that a person cannot lean to the right, and welcome gays and lesbians into their field?

  8. Michael says:

    What is wrong is saying someone is a conservative just because they are registered Republican.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      So true. My gov teacher, the independent of all independents (in her own words, she “goes both ways” on EVERY issue we’ve discussed…except term limits), is a registered Republican because in our state Independents can’t vote in the primaries and the Republican primary is less obvious/predetermined that the Dem. one.

  9. dooky says:

    50 cent a Republican? I’m not buying that. C’mon, he’s a Demoncrat just as plain as the color on his skin. D’uh.

  10. Kathy says:

    Is this a reverse McCarthy ploy?

    1. DeeKee says:

      Agreed, why is this being posted? Its no ones business what party you are registered with. Sounds to me like so left minded people are hoping to get the hate on some conservatives?

  11. Gene says:

    There are a lot of black conservatives in politics. If there are none in Hollywood that shows Hollywood is prejudice. Tough enough to be a conservative in Hollywood, but to be black and conservative is too much for Hollywood to accept. They tend to keep useful idiots there, regardless of whether they keep pumping out flops at the box office or not.

    As far as the simpleton who said Jesus was a bleeding heart liberal I would read the whole Bible and not just take what ignorant people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Reverend Wright have to say. Perhaps you could listen to someone who actually has a church where everyone is welcome like Bishop Jakes. He knows more than 1 or 2 verses which seems opposed to those previously mentioned.

  12. Gene says:

    You have to hand it to these guys and gals. The entertainment industry is so biased in favor of liberals that anyone who can make it as a conservative has really accomplished something.

    The list is pretty short when you consider there are some deceased people on it and some RHINOS such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elizabeth Hasselback.

  13. jeffinarlington` says:

    Hmmm. Did you happen to know that the head of the Republican National Commitee is an African-American? His name is Michael Steele. Look him up. Oh, but you probably think he is an “Uncle Tom”, so you’ll just dismiss him. That’s typical with people who don’t think for themselves. It’s a good thing that some African-Americans do.

  14. Toy says:

    Conservatives; The face of the enemy.. America’s most dire threats sitting right under everyones noses……I admit, that SOME of these faces I hadn’t know were (ugh) Conservatives… but now that I do, I will cease watching their movies, listening to their life story or caring what becomes of them….. They are something the world can do without.. and I just want them to GO AWAY.

    1. Tommy Lent says:

      Awwwwwww. Poorrrr babbbeeeeeeee. Did da widdle wiberal get upsettttttt? Tell mommy to change the channel.

    2. TASHA says:


    3. jeffinarlington says:

      How does this sound…

      “Liberals; The face of the enemy.. America’s most dire threats sitting right under everyones noses……I admit, that SOME of these faces I hadn’t know were (ugh) Liberals… but now that I do, I will cease watching their movies, listening to their life story or caring what becomes of them….. They are something the world can do without.. and I just want them to GO AWAY.”

      What is it about you extremists???? Anyone who disagrees with you or holds any other opinion should “GO AWAY”. Boy this sounds a lot like the general attitude of Germany during the late 30’s into the War. They figured out how to make people “Go AWAY” very efficiently, first with the Einsatzgruppen and then with the death camps. You want that? Let’s just throw half of the US into these death camps. What do you say to that!?!? OMG, is this what liberals want?!?!

      Why can’t we all embrace values from both sides. There are good and bad on both sides. If we all thought long enough to listen to each other, WOW, we could and would get much accomplished. It seems we just never learn from history. So it’s destined to repeat itself. Either liberals or the extreme right (not conservatives) will get control and God help us.

      Good luck folks, we’ve got one heck of a ride ahead with these attitudes.

      1. gene says:

        Maybe we could use the name TOY in place of liberal or conservative. I would think no matter what side someone was on they could agree on that.

      2. jm Dove says:

        Well unfortunately for the liberals only 20% of the populaiton can claim such idiotic political ideas. Glad I woke up after years of voting for the Democrats i.e. SOCIALISTS! And to think-Ann Coulter is actually correct: If Democrats were smart then they would become conservatives.

    4. Gene says:

      You are a piece of… work. Amazing.

      1. Louie says:

        I second Gene’s motion, but not the way I’m sure he means it….

    5. ugh says:

      you are a frigging idiot.

    6. Barbara Gassaro says:

      Wouldn’t this country just be great if we all thought alike ……just like robots. NOT!
      You are a jerk.

    7. Andrew C says:

      Exactly. We progressives must stick together. While we must tolerate diversity of appearance, we must not tolerate diversity of thought.

      1. Gene says:

        You might be tossed from the socialist, i mean “progressive” team by admitting that you don’t tolerate diversity of thought. A major fumble, although so many are realizing this these days on their own. Now if you would admit the anti_Christian bend then this movement would really be out of the closet. Again, many realize this already when people claim to be Christian for appearances and then push every social piece of legislation that flies in the face of the Bible.

        It is so kind and “liberal” of you to “tolerate” diversity of appearance. Unlike those evil conservatives who “believe” people are equals and who tolerate diversity of thought.

    8. jes2 says:

      YOU are something that the world can do without.

      Creetins like you are why this country is fighting for it’s life.

    9. Texas Joe says:

      This is the passionate loving left. HAHAHA. Your a jok

    10. Ronald Fuchs says:

      I could say the same about liberals but I’m not childish

    11. SerfOfObama says:

      Yes, the “enemy” whose taxes let you spend your welfare check on drugs and porn.

    12. Robert says:

      Toy, I am with you 100%

    13. JAKE says:

      Hey toy, you are prejudice and your not showing your diversity skills.

    14. TamiB says:

      Aren’t you the good little useful idiot. A gold star for you, comrade!

  15. lenegal77 says:

    Conservatives do conserve. They want to conserve time. They want to bring the clock back to 1840. They are anti gay, anti womens’ rights, anti any forward movement.
    They DO love to create fear amongst those stupid enough to listen to them.
    Where is the outrage against the Mosque near Ground Zero now. Gone. The election is over.
    I consider all Righties Rednecks; anti intellectuals.

    1. D G says:

      Ahhh, the open mind. In your case, your mind is so open that your brain, morals and values (if you had any, actually fell out of your head. It is a condition known as liberalism.

    2. jm Dove says:

      Bring back 1840? You mean slavery? Are you kidding? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that a liberal such as yourself is so ‘wonderfully’ empty headed. Just a quick history lesson: It was the REPUBLICANS who opposed slavery and it was the southern Democrats who institutionalized racial descrimination. I give cudos however for all you liberals successfully painting conservatives as racists when in fact it was the Democrats who were the racists. But to be sure, no one is perfect or free from sin-including minorities.

    3. 0Kelvin says:

      Conservatives do conserve. They conserve liberty.
      How odd, though, that liberals are so outspoken against conservatives, yet are also so outspoken in favor of the “religion of peace”, extremist Islam, who are genuinely anti-gay and anti-women’s rights – and I’m not speaking of the woman’s “right” to terminate innocent life, I’m speaking of their right to have an education, to have an opinion, to be able to sit in the front seat or – dare I say it? – DRIVE, or to have something really silly like life without the fear of being murdered by their own family if they’re actually seen in public doing something completely innocent. Yes, keep touting your support for that good ol’ religion of peace, just as you tout your support for killing your unexpected baby because it had the temerity to be conceived at an inconvenient time. After all, you’re so smart that you’re on par with God himself, you’ve decided to be God and label the child “anti-viable” so you’ll be able to keep your conscience clear once you finally get one.
      And you say conservatives are anti-intellectual. It must be hard to keep coming up with all of these labels to go along with anti-. I’m so glad I’m no longer a liberal.

    4. Gene says:

      It is funny how there is no debate on topics, just an attempt to stereotype Conservatives. I am one and I am not against women’s rights. I do not know anyone who is. I am for equal rights for all races. I can’t imagine a Christian who wasn’t.

      I would like to go back far enough in time to when there was hope and this was a land of opportunity. To when the Constitution ruled our leader’s decision making process. Kind of a back to the future thing. We are on a dead end road at the moment. It seems liberals are the ones living in the past. Jimmy Carter policies in a shinier package. Old failed socialist policies called by a different name.

      We need to go back to the paths God set before us and then we will be able to move forward. We are getting a glimpse of what socialist policies will bring. High gas prices, higher medical costs, and higher food prices… Less services and more regulations and sneaky taxes. How can anyone defend that?

      1. John says:

        Lets debate!
        How do higher petroleum prices at the wellhead have anything to do with liberal policies? Its a question of supply and demand, with much of the world(India, China, etc) finally getting on the same developmental road that the USA and Europe have been on since the end of WWII the demand for power to run vehicles and generate power. The same applies to food supplies. Medical costs – mostly these are pharmacy related and a result of the collusion between Big Pharma in the USA and well favorable legislation from sympathetic elected represenbtatives who have literally been bought. Why else would medication that costs $25.00 in the USA cost a fraction of that in most other places outside the USA? Regulation of importation is what has done that in the false name of protecting the American people. Other medical costs are related to technological advances in the treatment of diseases that affect people in their 70s and 80s. The majority of expenses are incurred in the last few months of life – you are goinna die anyway but the doctors and hospitals keep you alive even when you wish you would just die because it is ethical required and profitable to boot. Nothing to do with so called socialist policies. Of course rising costs are not a problem when your income increases, but the actual wealthof the middle class has remained static while that of the super rich has skyrocketed. This is absolutely the result of illiberal policies regarding taxation. No so-called socialist principles which seek to level income and asset levels among peoples and reduce class antagonisms. (which in history have led to totalitarian gov’ts in Germany and Russia and China and where we are headed if we don’t change our course).

      2. Gene says:

        In reply to Lets “debate”

        First of all the blame Bush game is very old. This all falls under Obama now. When gas prices were high under Bush it was him and his oil buddies being blamed. Now the people who promised to save us have made matters much worse. As far as food prices one of the big reasons is the liberal push on ethanol which has raised corn prices which has greatly affected food prices. Corn is used in an amazing amount of foods. What has Obama done about it? The bad Obama economy is also hurting food prices.

        It is funny how a hurricane was George Bush’s fault, but all these failed policies of Obama that have brough America on the verge of collapse aren’t his fault. Your argument only works for partisans and ignorant people. Look at the poll numbers. Debate over.

      3. John says:

        Gene, my friend and fellow American. First you descry the lack of debate and then summarily announce the debate is over. Please! Reread my post. I am not sterotyping anyone. In fact the words Obama, Bush, Liberal and Conservative, socialist etc DO NOT APPEAR in my reply! How could that be? Because I am not ranting and I am not playing the blame game! Global increases in costs for food, power and medical care are independent of the party or ideology in power in the USA. They are no one’s fault. It is the general direction of human society and economy which is probable inevitable. Neither Bush nor Obama or their parties did anything to cause this general increase. And there is little the human race can do to change this course other than invent new energy sources (and I do not mean drill drill drill!) John

    5. Shannon says:

      Ever heard of the Log Cabin Repulicans you dolt.Some of the greatest thinkers have been conservatives.You libs have stalin marx obama.I guarantee the likes of Ayn Rand Bill Buckley Now deceased and is still smarter than you.And lets not forget the great mind of DR,Walter E. Williams.

      1. Robert says:

        And you have the mind of Bush. Yikes.

    6. jes2 says:

      Wow. You get your lies right off the daily FAX from

      Excuse me –

      Lenegal77, no one really cares what you ‘consider’. You not only do not have enough character to stop spewing these lies, you also don’t have nearly enough intelligence to know the difference.

      Instaed, it’s the typical liberal/progressive attacks, name-calling, and lies.

      What a blood clot.

    7. SerfOfObama says:

      LOL, “to create fear amongst those stupid enough to listen to them”. Sorry but GLOBAL WARMING is a FRAUD of the LEFT. Anti-woman, huh? Let’s see– conservatives support WOMEN’S (and all law-abiding persons’) right to bear arms to shoot potential rapists. Leftists tell women to shut up, sit back and enjoy it. That’s a very bizarre definition of “empowerment” if you ask me.

    8. me says:

      Lenegal you’re full of venom and hate. Crawl back into your hole and curl up into a fetal position and cry, “why don’t they like me?” Ugggh

  16. majorshadow says:

    “Stand” URL: Stand
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    Hold your head high
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    Stand strong, your not alone He’s always around
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    No need to worry He watches over me and you
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    1. John says:

      Left Right Up Down is where we are today, watching carefully as they try to fade.

  17. Frederick Douglass says:

    It troubles me that so many of us refuse to acknowledge the fact that racism toward achieving Blacks is a thing of the past and there is no longer any meaningful movement of obstruction. It was not Republicans, whose party was formed around abolition (please read your history DeVoung), but rather Southern Democrats that created the “Strange Fruit” of lynchings. Because a man chooses a different, and perhaps more informed ideology than yours does not make him a House Slave, DeVoung. It makes him a Free Man.

  18. Al Sharpton says:

    Was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a “house-n@##$%” too? He was also a Republican, idiot! In fact, if you look at the most intelligent minorities in our society, that includes immigrants that come here legally- they are overwhelmingly Republican.

    It is sad that you are too stupid to see how Democrats use the ignorance of people like yourself to gain power. While Democrats are always calling Republicans racist, it has always BEEN Republicans actually DOING something for minorities. Democrats think minorities are less than human, or too stupid to accomplish anything for themselves- that is exactly true. They always lie to ignorant people to make them believe they are helping them. But look at the facts, if you are capable, since the beginning of all of the big government welfare programs that Democrats get rich off of- just how has the lives of minorities improved?

    Before welfare, minorities, and especially blackpeople were MUCH better off. There wasnt nearly as much poverty as there is now. Maybe if you study something before you talk, you might not sound so ignorant. Every bit of freedom that black people have today was delivered to them by Republicans. Even desegregation happened under a Republican Congress against a Democrats (LBJ) best wishes- the only reason he signed it was because he was warned what would happen to his career if he didnt.

    The truth is, your ignorance makes YOU the “house-n@##$%” -keep serving your Democrat Masters.

    1. Karen Nakamura says:

      You’re joking or you have a bad education. First you’re not Al Sharpton and second, Jesus is known as a bleeding heart liberal and LBJ inherited the Act from John Kennedy, both democrats. Don’t constantly push the panic button. Liberals come bearing gifts of laughter not bombs.

      1. SteveAZ says:

        “Jesus is known as a bleeding heart liberal….”

        HA!!! That’s why Jesus warned His followers not to judge people by their money and to follow the 10 Commandments (which not only forbids theft, but also forbids even dreaming about theft). He’s a “liberal”, all right. That’s why He had NO sympathy at all for the unrepentant criminal who was being crucified beside Him. Jesus let that creep die!

        Liberals always come bearing gifts of sugar-coated lies.

    2. XYZ says:

      MLK was far from what we think he was. Some alternative history would do u good. Ud be (unplesantly( surprised t find out that those hailed as heroes, arent heroes at all.

  19. Lily64 says:

    Wow. That’ll show em. You are too funny. How egotistical is it that you think that your non-purchase of a ticket to their movies / performances will somehow impact how they demonstrate their RIGHT (yes right it is here in America still) to state their beliefs and have them respected. That was the basis of this country when it was founded – each and EVERY person had a right to an opinion. Not so anymore according to those of you who cannot agree to disagree. Sad, but true.

  20. Gary says:

    Well, at least 87 celebs got their head on straight.

  21. Eneida says:

    This has to be a joke! I forgot, do we live in America or China? I guess anyone who doesn’t agree with your liberal views needs to be punished? Get a brain! This is a free country moron! If you don’t like it this way, go to China! They will love you there!

  22. MR says:

    Johnny Ramone and Ron Silver are both deceased. They were conservative in life, but I hope they’re not still on the voter rolls.

    1. john says:


      Only liberals are on the rolls after death!!!

      Thanks to ACORN or whatever name they fall under now.

      1. Karen Nakamura says:

        ACORN was an honest organization that was victimized by a smear campaign and falsified films. That is the findings of authorities. Do you really think those young white kids wearing those stupid clothes and walking into an integrated business wouldn’t stand out like sore thumbs? Even the thought that hard working people would be fooled is beyond racism, it’s ignorant and highly misinformed. And, sweeties, I’m white.

      2. Gene says:

        To Karen Naka: What is a falsified film? One that shows real footage? It is a strange world where accusations with no proof are considered truth and video of actual events are considered untrue. God have pity on the deceivers.

    2. Gia Daniel says:

      You can add Dixie Carter to the list, and Charlton Heston has Alzhaimer’s, so he isn’t really culpable anymore.
      I find it interesting that so many are on this list who have actively participated in anti family, immoral, or at least crude works. But they are conservatives? Do what I say, not as I do, and spell my name correctly on the check … the motto of many, it seems.

      1. MSSpahr says:

        Actually, Charleton Heston is dead.

      2. Gene says:

        I don’t think all of these people are really into politics enough to even know the difference in beliefs of the 2 parties. This list was not put together by Conservatives. The fact that they have to put dead people and people who simply are registered a certain way on the list shows that Hollywood and the entertainment industry doesn’t have much room for Conservatives. If it was a Conservative casting couch in Hollywood there would be constant investigations. File it under hypocrisy and bigotry.

      3. Roberto Cadalso says:

        Those two are dead, thank God!

  23. Venus Lilith Moss says:

    I’m not too shocked by majority of them except 24 (yes, I counted them). I don’t think it really matters though, it’s not like I’m going to stop looking at their movies or listening to their music. Unless, I didn’t much enjoy their work in the first place. I’m not going to take the whole “where’s your politics leaning?” game so seriously. I’m pretty much a Democrat, but if the Republican is saying something that the Democrat is lacking then they might get my vote. Besides, both sides has a minus and a plus to offer, our note is to decipher the two.

    1. Steve says:

      You counted? Good for you…I’m impressed…us conservatives just look at the counter at the bottom of the photo’s. But liberals don’t trust anyone, unless they’re other liberals of course.

      1. Jack Kennedy says:

        steve – so 11/2 was kind of tough on you ………… America rejected you and all your America hating buddies

        steve – obviously sucks to be you

    2. Eneida says:

      Venus, are you aware that we leave in a free country, with the freedom of speech? America is a democratic society because of the right to vote and to differ in opinions! If we all had the same opinions, and we all followed one ideology, then we are no longer a democracy! I am a republican, and I never look down on anyone who doesn’t share my views, but that’s the point! The difference in opinions is what makes us better! And not listening to the liberal views of the media and the most liberal celebrities! Think for yourself!

  24. Ronny Smith says:

    One of my nutz leans to the left and I have one that leans to the right on occasion!!

    I’m a liberal!!

  25. James says:

    I agree…only now I know who to support.

  26. Noreen Clark says:

    I thought I was the only right-winger on the left coast who still wanted freedom of earning money and being able to keep most of it or give it to those we want to give it to. Nice to hear there are a few celebrities (yes, some have died since this list was compiled) who aren’t afraid of the leftist Hollywood Machine and are willing to be individuals.
    As long as California is made up primarily of illegals and gays (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and Hollywood apologists, the left need not worry that freedom lovers will take it over.

    1. Nicholas says:

      You are a rich idiot like them?

      1. Robert says:

        Says the poor idiot

  27. RyanL says:

    So much hate spewing in these comments.

  28. ginandtonic says:

    Mel Gibson. We conservatives can’t claim pride over THAT one.

    1. Morgan says:

      So we can forgive Robert Downey’s drug induced tirades, drug use by almost every star, infidelity by more public figures than we can count, greedy pandering etc etc etc, but let a guy have an alcohol and anger management issue and he is damned for life. Hypocritical, don’t you think, especially from Conservative Christians whom above all others should know how to forgive.

  29. Tariq Aziz says:

    You’ve gotta’ love these conservatives who will actually take a stand–even in the face of a liberal backlash from the leftist Hollywood community.

    Liberal Democrats are all for freedom of speech…as long as they agree with what’s being said.

    So very sad that they’ll never open their minds while believing they are the ones with open minds. Today, those on the left will actually boycott anyone who will not conform to their beliefs. These are sad and scary times.

    1. Jed Wing says:

      The rights been doing this for a long time, too. Even more than so-called liberals. Please, sir, your argument is tired. First off, in the post-911 era anyone who was anti war was called a traitor. Conservatives, friends who are conservatives, looked at me like my name was Al Queida. Would any star boycott the Rock, Bruce Willis, etc.? Please. If they can have fun and make money money working with these people politics be damned, like me and my friends here in NY who are conservatives. I may not hang out while they’re listening to the sick, racist bile spewing forth from Bob Grant’s hell-hole on the radio, but we can work together doing shows, smoking and laughing about other stuff.

      And finally, just because we liberals reject your views and arguments and think they’re asinine, vile, cruel, or just plain wrong, or flip you off or whatever, after a broadside of “stupid liberals, they ought to go back to Russia . . . or France because they don’t want tax cuts for the rich” doesn’t mean that we don’t have open minds, it’s just closed to your BS.

      And who said liberals had open minds? Or were tolerant? We like our views, our gay and black and reformed Jewish friends and we don’t like you. Peace out, my brother.

      1. Dave says:

        “we… have open minds, it’s just closed to your BS.”

        “Even more than so-called liberals.” The so-called “Fairness Doctrine” and “Net Neutrality” make this assertion completely erroneous.

        Haha, march lemmings.

  30. JAG says:

    So this is a list of the people in Hollywood that aren’t Communists. We were just going to push California into the ocean, but I guess there are a few left to save.

    Good to know who not to put against the wall when the revolution comes. But the way things are going, it looks like California will be the first state to kill itself.

    Good luck on that upcoming bankruptcy. Did you know the states you’ll be begging money from are Conservative? Let’s see what happens.. till next time. XOXO

  31. dnkywlypr says:

    I believe you have it right, J wright, mostly, Eventually, the motivations and goals of the deceivers reveal themselves and when faced with a choice the grounding of this country surfaces and we recover. It would be a great shame and beyond comprehension the damage that would result from continuing down the coarse that liberalism embraces. For me I love the passion that such libs as Sarandon and my Ex have in them but ……

  32. Yendor says:

    you should not use Christ and right in the same sentence…is that all Ring wingers want to to toot….fighting in a war, gun toting wild wild west slingers, there are many democrats that fought in those same you are a prime example of the ignorant propaganda that the republicans try and push but if you are not ignorant you dont buy it….if you can prove to me that there are more
    repubicans in heaven than democrats, then you have a point….but I know you cant…republicans cant see parting with their money to help others! Which is what Christ would do….

    1. sean says:

      Actually a lot of polls show that the right is a good deal
      more religious than the left

  33. Yendor says:

    so true with your comment…as I knew some were but shocked by others…BUT I discontinue to support them after learning their affiliation. They forgot,
    Denzel Washington…(I wait for video if at all to see his movies)…

    1. SBadclad says:

      Do Leftists really base their appreciation of art on their Political views? I thought that’s what wee small minds did. Quotations from Chairman Mao or from this morning’s Democrat Talking Points, 2 sides to the same coin, that is as narrow as that wee mind of yours that has to know what one’s political affiliations are to determine whether someone’s art is good.

  34. Shrugging Atlas says:

    Drew Carey isn’t a Republican, nor is he a “conservative”. He is a Libertarian (a member of the Libertarian Party) and is libertarian (as in the political philosophy).

    Libertarians are not Republicans and being libertarian is not the same as being conservative.

    Lazy lazy writers.

    1. John West says:

      Libertarian is a friend of the conservative much much more that he is a friend of a liberal. Don’t be so judgmental, you sound like a progressive.

    2. Dave says:

      A Libertarian IS fiscally Conservative, and socially doesn’t care what YOU do, so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Do your homework before you post something claiming to know what you’re talking about.

      Who’s lazy?

      1. MattTodd says:

        Another pathetic thread. So much contempt. So much mud-slinging. So much hypocrisy. It makes me sad for your country. If all I had were the internet view of the states, I would think that it were a country full and angry and fearful people with a low capacity (and tolerance for) for critical thinking. Why do you treat each other this way?

  35. Jwright says:

    We need a Hitler ??–HEY, “FEDUP”, I have a question for you. Can you give me the name of the Veterinary Clinic you were born in ?, I would like to call and see if your mother was registered and pedigreed, or did she break her leash and was she just roaming the neighborhood when you were conceived, damned idiot !

    1. Louie says:

      I don’t think it’s so much that, as that he, like Gene, hasn’t kept up with his shots or never had any to start with. You know how that can be. You can become rabid at the drop of a hat. Maybe he, Gene and many others caught rabies right on this site. It’s a real shame, too, that there aren’t any shots for mental deficiency, imbecility, cognitive dysfunctions and a host of other diseases that are afflicting so many of the good folks here.

  36. TLH says:

    OK I wonder how many of these people are registered Republicans just to be able to vote in their state’s primaries. I’m registered as a Dem but there are some issues the Republicans have supported, that I also support – like the war on drugs. My fiance is also registered Dem, and he’s strongly pro-life. Some people just register as either so they can vote in the primaries.

  37. derekinseoul says:

    oblerman said last week on his show the country would be better off if the republicans didnt live here

    again examples inclusive and tolerant indeed

    1. tarc says:

      If you look at it scientifically, he’s be corrrect. Things are changing at a rate that conservativism is only hindering – possibly fatally for our species – the changes we need to make to save ourselves. evolution proves over and over that if you do not adapt, you do not survive, and the adaption isn’t happening.

      1. Tom says:

        That’s entirely the poiunt, tarc.

        Collectivism always produces a rigidified society that CANNOT adpat, hence the reason collectivized societies stagnate, decline, and die.

        Meanwhile, if you try to apply the methods of the physical sciences to politics and society, you end up preaching a well-known piece of BS known as “scientism” – which is, as per Poppers’ “falsifiability” test, a form of theology. Nice way to express an anti-science attitude, even as you misuse the word.



  38. Gabriel says:

    We are at 20 percent plus (Don’t believe the figures- Gov. lies) unemployment right now…1 in 5 is out of work. Where’s the opportunity in that? So now they are promising a middle class tax cut? IF you are out of work you wont be paying any taxes. This is the LEFTS big push to destroy America as we know it.
    To the left I say this WE WILL NOT ROLLOVER. GS wants us to revolt, but mister we aret oo smart for that…we’ll just patiently wait and throw his like out for good this time. Stick that in youe “even playing field” and smoke it!

  39. CleanFun says:

    Who told you that the new health care was going to be free? It was going to cost every man, woman, and child over 2.5k/yr. It was forced insurance. And expensive at that. Crack a book or something. LoL I swear. Thank goodness it’s as good as dead now. You’re lucky that you’re stuck in the wake of people who are still staying informed and making decisions that are in their best interests.

  40. Lee says:

    OH, shut your Jew-hating, antisemitic mouth, you a–hole.

    1. says:

      You forgot the Speaker of the House. John Boehner who wears Nazi uniforms on the weekends!

  41. James Custer McCarthy says:

    Thanks for the laugh, Theo! Haven’t you ever heard that there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Wait until you get the bill for your ‘free health care’! Oh, that’s right… you don’t pay taxes, do you? I guess you think you’re smarter because you ‘game the system’. But that’s OK… we’ll fix that after November.

  42. Iron_Man_NY says:

    At least some of them are dead already.

    1. hasim bibl says:

      Yeah. Just like you will be one day.

    2. jlwils says:

      What kind of comment is that…at least some of them are dead already? You punk jackwagon!

    3. Marty says:

      That doesn’t sound “inclusive”, which is what the left claims to be.

    4. Kris says:

      You’re a bad person.

    5. Nicholas says:

      Thank God for that

  43. American Sharecropper says:

    Is this the level of intellectual analysis typical of your kind? “squeeze dat dollar .lol” — really says it all about your level of brainpower, doesn’t it?

  44. DGP says:

    Not much talent huh? James Earl Jones, Dennis Hopper, Robert Duvall, Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Ramone?

    I don’t agree with their politics, but each one is a legend.

    1. James L Hangis says:

      We use to have Bob Hope and Johnny Cash . . . now we no Hope & no Cash!

      1. Sarajo says:

        love your comment…..and agree with you!

  45. drmedhus says:

    Dems have not faith in the individual. Repubs, in general, believe in the ability of people to struggle, learn and grow, to live responsibly and to not suck the rest of us producers dry because of an overbloated sense of entitlement. Eventually, the producer class will have nothing to give or will move far away. Then what will the dems and their entitlement class do? Oh, I know. They can watch movies with liberal actors all day. For me, I would like to see all intelligent productive Americans boycott liberal Hollywood and see only those movies with conservative actors.

    1. Tarc says:

      So the top 5% of people in the country (proimarily Republicans) aren’t fleecing the herd for every cent that can grab every minute of every day? Grow a brain: anyone that is a republican that makes less than $250 thou a year is merely sheep to be fleeced – astonishingly and stupidly willing sheep. .

  46. Len says:


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