• Paintings Raise Money For Paramus School Bus Victims
  1. free games says:

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  2. DanAllen says:

    This list got Belichick wrong. He’s a Democrat. And it makes me wonder how much of the rest of this is totally incorrect.

  3. Pete says:

    Cool, my new favorite celebs! More power to them.

  4. Jeff Pittman says:

    Wake up, you morons at CBS. Being Republican, or supporting Republicans, in no way indicates conservative or right-wing political positions. The US Republican party is at best, somewhat left of center.

  5. loan says:

    Aukera ematen dizu, besterik gabe esan zure mezuak mke me nahi iruzkina, zerbait i normalean inoiz egin.

  6. BE Responsible Barack says:

    Everyone PLEASE…
    There once was a whistle-blower in the CLINTON administration who warned of the disaster we are in.
    Her Name? Brooksley Born.
    GOGGLE IT, and stop blaming BUSH, OBAMA, the CONGRESS and everyone else.

    Oh, and if I wear GWB, I’d sue Mr. Obama for libel, this blame everyone else for your troubles is so childish. MAN UP Barack!

  7. OperationWTF says:

    As I read all the comments on this page I see that there is hope. Numorous times I read that the economic downturn began in ’06 when the dems took the lead. I totally agree!
    Fannie and Freddie… another dem run disaster! Many other fact that are indefencible by the left and it leaves them with nothing other than their typical angry personal attacks.
    Keep it up people! Infect your neighbors and people like roman with the facts! The only hope for America remaining free, and maybe just maybe reclaiming some lost freedoms is to boot out the unamerican occupant in the oval office and his pathetic posse of unamerican czars and other enemies of the State.

  8. Alan says:

    I just came across information on Wikipedia that had links saying that Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Melissa and Joey star Melissa Joan Hart was a conservative who liked Ronald Reagan. Seems to be the truth as I even found sites attacking her for her political leanings. Seems she once said she liked Ronald Reagan and attends his library all the time on People magazine.

    I also learned CNBC is full of closet Republicans and conservatives which is not surprising, but what is amazing is that some are far-right tea party types. No not Just Rick Santelli. Seems Michelle Caruso-Cabrera told a Progressive celebrity, Alec Baldwin, she was conservative when they met and thus it ended their communication.

    Then Lauren Conrad was found to be a registered Republican. I think a portion (as in some) of the Hills/Laguna Beach/ City girls and guys might be republican. The show was rigged from day one anyways. What some might not know is MTV chose the cast of people to be filmed. Most were not friends with people on the show before the filming and some were not Californian born.

    I am also under the impression there are other closet celebrities who lean right. Of course, there are various degrees. Some might be more of a Rino, Libertarian or moderate kind. Others might be the type to vote for people from both parties. Still others might be independent. But that is how it is.

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  10. ericdb says:

    Chuck Norris… enough said.

  11. whateva says:

    DOn King, Shannon Dorethy, Mel Gibson, Sammy Hagar, The rock and 50 cent.. Yeah, I would be proud too of those lofty names…

  12. I. Dichter Goode says:

    RE: The article about celebs leaning to the Right.

    There are things about which I am on the Right such as the 2nd Amendment and the death penalty. There are items about which I am located on the Left such as people have a right to do with their own bodies as they, and not a second party, see fit. The more one makes, the more taxes they are responsible to pay. Those who see all according to an ideological absolute are the brain dead. There are things I firmly believed in 35 years ago that today I hold to be nothing more than sewerage overflow. Things change and will always change. There is nothing static in this universe. Because things change is why life, according to Burnham, is an “Odyssey.” Whatever change temporarily manifests it brings about new needs. The acquisition of those needs constitutes the “sturm und dang” between ideologies. And ideologies exist in the first place, because needs differ according to the individual.

  13. Lex says:

    Yeah most of them are on the right wing of the neo-commie USA

  14. bob says:

    Obama = Epic Voter Fail

  15. Kevin says:

    Jessica Simpson wouldn’t know right wing from left wing !

  16. Max Shakal says:

    Roman: you are a buffoon. Get your “brain”, if you will, out of your little obamaland and maybe look at what he does/did. Judging off your mittle klas status you must know that once in any sort of finacial debt it is imperative to put spending to a bare minimum till that debt is gone. Spending does NOT get you out of debt. Obama failed to realize that by bailing out GM and Bear Sterns etc. In the real world nobody is gonna bail you out. Maybe Obama should down his golf outings from 75 to 0. Obama is an inept pres not unlike Carter was.

  17. dotado11 says:

    Meardeva Bush’s grandfather got into trouble for trading with the enemy(NAZIS) even AFTER Pearl Harbor.

  18. Kent says:

    Britany is still hot. Now I like her even better. It was really fun to see all the tiny little liberal brains exploding above. You are, like, sooooo predictable.

  19. Al says:

    List has some conspicuous holes…

    Four-time Superbowl champ Lynn Swann

    Actor John Ratzenberger, from Cheers and every Pixar movie.

    Jim Caviezel

    Robert Duvall

    Freddie Prinze, Jr.
    Jimmie “JJ” Walker
    Shirley Temple
    Fred Thompson

    Authors (based on campaign donations 1999-2005)
    Dean Koontz
    Mary Higgins Clark
    Catherine Coulter
    Robin Cook
    Nelson DeMille
    Nicholas Sparks

  20. Selene Mills says:

    Although everyone has a right to their own beliefs and opinions, they should not be made from the standpoint of folks snubbing their noses at other folks. That is essentially what is happening. People often equate conservatives as being prim, proper and religious (HA!). A lot of these folks have led some wild lives. Some are like “saved sinners” who can not talk to anyone who hasn’t reached their “faith level”. Yet, the real Jesus conversed with all folks (gamblers, prostitutes, tax collectors, etc.). He drank wine, danced at weddings, etc. We are such a high minded society. I do not care what and who you are as long as you don’t talk to me like I have a tail, block me,or try to harm me in any way.

  21. Luana Dunn says:

    George Bush kept us safe from terrorists after 9/11 because he TREATED them like terrorists, unlike the current president, who wants to give them Miranda Rights and try them in criminal courts! And before anybody reminds me of the death of bin Laden, which is one thing Obama did right, that was able to come to fruition because of the policies that George Bush put into place. It took YEARS to identify and find bin Laden’s courier, who ultimately led the military to bin Laden’s hideout. How anybody can continue to see any good in this current president is mind boggling.

  22. Laney says:

    They are faith driven of course.

    I am so glad that the Republican debate showed our candidates are faith driven…

    And God said to GW , start a phony unfunded 3 trillion dollar war which will be the stimulus for a massive recession. Reduce taxes too. Start the ball rolling for massive stimuli, bailouts, and extended citizen safety nets at time when tax revenues will be down. We will then be able to justify the elimination of our unproductive, the elderly, the physically and mentally handicapped, and the poor because of our huge deficit. Base this on the Book of Paul. Ryan that is.

  23. Alex says:

    1. NOT a big shocker that some country artists art Republicans.
    2. Same with NASCAR drivers.
    3. Same with Chuck Norris. If anyone ever had the slightest inclination that he was Liberal- that person may be delusional.

    ALSO- while I am a PROUD LIBERAL and a PROUD AMERICAN, these people all have rights to their own opinions. Their opinions may be clouded with ignorance (and perhaps even stupidity- case in point, Britney Spears) or misinformation or religious background (which is a whole other topic for debate that I’m not willing to get in to on a “Celebs Who Lean To The Right” forum, but still- this is American where people fight daily for our freedon (and oil reserves…), and thank God that we have the right to have whatever opinion involving politics that we so choose.

  24. Lilly_Belle says:


  25. Big Kitchen says:

    Define conservative.

  26. MUNCH says:

    If your 18 and not liberal you have no heart, I your 40 and not conservative you have no brain.

  27. Simon9 says:

    Like Clint Eastwood, Drew Carey, John Laroquette, Kurt Russell and many others, Bo Derek is a Libertarian.

  28. Gary says:

    These so called ‘celebrities’ need to be removed from their careers. Public voices speaking out against liberal policies need to be silenced if a free society is to move forward and grow! Reactionary opposition like these fools proclaim harms progress. Shut these people down! Don’t support them or their causes! Open minded, free thinking people everywhere need to stand in opposition to these kinds of people! Shut down their voices, take away their ability to inhibit growth!

  29. Ernest Terga says:

    Hail to The Chief, “FOUR MORE YEARS” – “FOUR MORE YEARS”

  30. E says:

    There are some people who ACTUALLY need the help of the state and DON’T abuse it. I may be young, but I’m not stupid. At the age of 25, I have served my country, started a family, earned a degree, and still can’t find a job. I’m currently working on a second degree with the hopes that maybe with this one, I can actually find a job, that won’t require me to have public assistance. Just because there are rotten apples in the system, doesn’t mean we are all like that.

  31. Michigan says:

    It’s so great seeing these actors stand up for what’s right. Too many have fallen victim to the Liberal bull of Hollywood. Liberals are just trash. No morals, selfish and so tolerant that they could easily get us all killed. They “love” everyone except those who deserve it. I hope the intelligence of all named people rubs off on more in Hollywood.

  32. What the??? says:

    Wow!Yes, this statement truly reflects your intelligence over “us” “right wingers”.An excellent laugh,thank you.I am thinking this may be a troll though.No one in thier “right mind” ( forgive the pun 🙂 can be this blatantly clueless.Oh wait,I forgot. Silly me.He’s not a troll.He’s a liberal.

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