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One Comment

  1. vince says:

    I told my wife about this girl and now she always ask me when I’m watching the game is your “girlfriend” working today 🙂

    She’s totally hot and would love to get tickets in that section…

  2. Ed says:

    So, like LasJankees…give her some slack, will ya.

  3. Ed says:

    Some of you are missing it. If you ever sat there and had to deal with her, you would realize her beauty. She’s the sort of lady that when you talk to her, you forget that she’s pretty, because her personality is tops!., but when she turns around and walks away, you look downward a bit, and your memory comes back! ;o)

  4. CDH says:

    Waaaaay too harsh guys 😦

  5. jeff D says:

    the yankee hater seems to be holding on to the yankee girl afully hard there lol.. get away boomer, let “the met fan for yankee fans” hold on to her.

  6. joe says:

    Carton is a no talent piece of garbage

  7. Jim from East Meadow says:

    She could never make it as an actress, her voice is insanely horrible!! My ears are still bleeding!!!

  8. Matt T. says:

    She’s so hot maybe KRod should HIT ON her rather than HITTING the old guy!

  9. JJB says:

    What happened to the Attention Grabber

  10. LasJankees says:

    you old men better stop disrespecting Corlis… she is one of my best friends and she beautiful on the inside and out. Please if half of you guys looked in the mirror you would be in no place to judge her! She is def a hottie, case closed! Now talk about baseball like REAL men!

  11. Matt says:

    I’d like to give her my “Boomer”…she can serve me anytime she wants. Corlis is hot!

  12. Chino says:

    she looks really good, but you see chicks in the hood like that on the regular

  13. Torre says:

    This girl is far from “smokin”. Her body looks great, but the face not so much.

  14. JJ says:

    She’s smokin’! One of the few reasons I’ll check out a Yankee game when they’re playing at home. Gorgeous. But what’s with that voice? Sounds like she’s about 50.

  15. RG says:

    Not what I was expecting.

    Boomer you look like a real creep

  16. JOSEPH CABERA says:


  17. Richard says:

    Wow….Boomer,…..Dont know what you were thinking at the time, but it looks like you are grabing her waist really tightly…..wish i was in your shoes….lol

  18. joey says:

    beningo is gay saying shes not pretty. he needs some chocolate in his life.

  19. Jose4165 says:

    Carton again you let Boomer get the best with that grip!

  20. pat king says:

    She is hot, which is good because her voice makes me want to punch myself in the face until I black out.

  21. BobH says:

    you guys are nutz..she is very attractive….

  22. matt says:

    i agree. she is a good looking girl but don’t get crazy. at best she could be in skinamax porn on friday nights.

  23. Billy says:

    She has a thicker mustache than Joe Beningo.

  24. Lenny Hipp says:

    Joe Beningo is right…. she’s NOT very good looking

  25. TheManChise says:

    She’s not that hot..Body is nice but face needs some work and what’s up with that laugh.. I’m glad Boomer got to cop a feel and tried to rub his man-hood on her but Bellie got in the way;)

  26. Antonio Cromartie says:

    She is fine…. think I will head over to the stadium and pay her a visit..she may need some company……..

  27. Antoine Dodson says:

    Hide Your Kids….Hide Your Wife…

  28. Bill Clinton says:

    I too miss her…. I should have stayed with her……

  29. bobby says:

    will the interview be podcasted?– missed the beginning listening from Texas- i knew it had to be her – what a hottie!

  30. BobH says:

    boomer is a real pal…holding her tight like that takes the bagginess out of the shirt…get to see some of the form….know what mean

  31. toetag1000 says:

    WOW she is very hot you guys did her NO justice tell her,she can hit me up toetag1000

  32. Jeets says:

    Gee Boomer. Got a good grab on poor Corliss. Aren’t you married? Carton – you look puffy.

  33. Lew-Dog says:

    Was she trying to get away Boomer? Is that why you’ve got the ninja grip on her?

  34. Tiger Woods says:

    That’s my ex-girlfriend. Sorry I dumped her.

  35. Pat McGroin says:

    What’s up with the Kung-Fu grip boomer has on this broad?? Awkward!

  36. eDDo says:

    She’s decent looking
    She’s not all that like you guys were saying you made it sound like she was another Jessica Alba lol

  37. Vinny says:

    Wow, look how tight Boomer is holding on to her!!

  38. BobH says:

    looks like Boomer has got a good grip on things there….lol

  39. BobH says:

    Very nice…well worth the price of those tickets….

  40. Mac says:

    Hmm, who should I talk to, my dad;s friend or the guy who looks like somebody from the “Jersey Shore;s” mechanic uncle!

  41. JD says:

    hellooooooo. blurred that shirt out pretty fast, haha.

  42. Darryl says:


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