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  1. Gloria Lombardi Camillo says:

    She should wear a bra when she is with her kids! Just saying…

  2. Jeremy 赵耀胜 says:

    The children are beautiful. All children are! Some of the parents are gorgeous and famous! Others are not so well-known but yes, I’ve heard most of the names, maybe not all. It’s fun going through the pix! 🙂

  3. Barbara Lee says:

    I agree with Nyphone. Who are these people anyhow? Most of them are over made up do nothings who would be working did they not live in a celebrity crazed culture.

    I am proud to not recognize 99% of them. This is rather a great way for the media to waste time instead of report the real things in the world don’tcha think?

  4. Amber says:

    It is really hard to tell who most of these kids parents are. When your mom has had a nose job, face lift, lip injections and botox to look younger, she doesn’t look more like her daughter, she looks like some sort of alien race freak show. These kids are all so cute and half the mothers look like wax figures. (a few exceptions, of course)

  5. kathy bandy says:

    megs an angel the little girl is beautiful thanks to everyone that love and adopt.k

  6. K-sted says:

    Isn’t it kinda bad taste to have Mike Tyson and his daughter?

    1. R says:

      Why? This isn’t Exodus. This is Milan. Showing a pic of Exodus and Mike Tyson might be considered bad taste seeing how she died 😦 But there is no reason they shouldn’t show him with another daughter.

  7. keesha braham says:

    bruce lee

  8. nolaelaine says:

    Kate G. of Eight Plus Eight

  9. nyphonejacks says:

    are any of these people really famous? i have been clicking thru most of these images and never seen or heard of most of these losers…

    1. edd says:

      exactly what I was thinking.!! Who the hell were they?!

      1. Bob Boogie says:

        Same. Need to do this again with pictures of the ‘celebrities’ and call it “Who is this?”

      2. justmehere says:

        um. do you people live in a cave somewhere? you mean to tell me you haven’t heard of people like Brooke Shields, Cindy Crawford, Arnold Schwarzenegger??

      3. Dana says:

        YEAH! REALLY!. i had no idea who half of these people are. and patrick swarzenegger is cuteeeeeeeeee<3

        yeah. but STILL! Idk who half of these people areeeee! UGH.

  10. Juma yusuf walusimbi says:

    Guess she looks like mum,Sarah of the tea party

  11. Juma yusuf walusimbi says:

    Sarah perin

  12. tori says:

    Brad Pitt and Angelina

  13. Hope I'm right says:

    Ummm…Flava Flav & Kirstie Alley?

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