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  1. Chris says:

    Kallers! The Wedding pics are stunning. What an ainamzg backdrop to a beautiful ceremony and reception. It looks like all went well and for that I am happy for the both of you.

  2. Gustavo says:

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  3. bt says:

    i totally agree ‘,.. why wouldn’t they show pictures of the most wanted person on earths photos of death??! ‘,.. but they showed the other people that died that day .. I think its all bulls####!! ‘,.. where’s our proof????honestly I don’t know what to believe but all I know is that it would be alot easier with some photos to see ‘,.. its so hard to believe what the government has to say these days,.. what to believe!! ..???

  4. cya says:

    can we say conspiracy theory…umm..wasnt he dead from failing kidneys? Did he receive donor kidneys, and lived? If he was captured alive there would probably be a worse scenerio for the Americans such as trading human lives for his safe return home. I scratch my head with obamas birth certificate. I know the paper has turned a brown color on my birth certificate. His was crispy white, fresh off the press looking. I dont know is this bogus or true? We will never know the truth.

    1. Majid says:

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    2. Veena says:

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  5. christina says:

    I’m sorry I think it is all a fake to boost numbers for our “president” he’s not very popular these days!!!!!!! SHOW PROOF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. sheila says:

      What’s wrong with you give this man his credit to get the evil b. We don’t need proof of anything OUR President says you people are just something else.

    2. Matt says:

      That plan would back fire, the moment Osama’s next video surfaced saying the United States didnt get him.

    3. John Ward says:

      you’re a clueless idiot…..

    4. Enrrique says:

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  6. Chuck says:

    We keep pandering to Islam. Some say that this was Bush’s war on terror and the cost should be attributed to him. While our hero Obama brought the evil Bin Laden to justice. As I see it, this war was not started by us. Islam has declared war on our way of life and our people. You might not be at war with them but they are with you. The death of this evil tyrant was a collective effort of many different parts of our national defense. I am sure he is sharing a BBQ with Hitler right about now. President Bush said we will not stop until he was brought to justice. This shows the world that US resolve is something to recon with. Whereas I don’t normally rejoice in the death of anyone, it is hard not to applaud the brave soldiers that brought him justice.

    1. Salima says:

      Surripsing to think of something like that

    2. Alna says:

      That’s a smart answer to a trikcy question

  7. Ivan says:

    I have Bin laden at home! this guys are not telling u the truth,let them show the pictures of his dead body.

    1. Liliana says:

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    2. Alona says:

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  8. John Scott says:

    Yeah, and I guess your “Miracle Man” Suzy is George W. Bush…who spent a trillion $$$ on Iraq and spent 8 years formulating the “Great Recession” making sure that the rich get richer in this country while the middle class dwindles.

    To say you’re an idiot & pathetic is an understatement….

  9. LB says:

    SUZY YOU ARE PATHETIC!!!! I hope you don’t consider yourself to be an American. I bet you voted for Palin. HA!!!! Can you see Russia from your house too? lol

    1. NoeMariana says:

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    2. Cako says:

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  10. Bruce says:

    MJ, try to wrap your mind around this. Bin Laden is dead, at the hand of US Military Hero’s. The chopper that went, down belonged to the Pakistan Gov’t, not us. bin ladens corpse was treated with respect and disposed of at sea with good reason. I’m not sure what TV you watched on 9/11, but I know we saw huge celebrations in the streets throughout that region, burning flags and dummies of bush. DO YOU NOT REMEMBER THE HEADS BEING CUT OFF AMERICANS. Do a bit of research before spouting off. As they say, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. God Bless the brave soldiers that carried out President Obama’s orders.

    1. Beveson says:

      Actually Bruce, the chopper that went down was American. However it was landed safely and there were no casualties. The chopper was later carted away by the Pakistani government along with a bunch of other debris from the attack. –as reported by the BBC. I think if you are going to form an argument it would be best to know what you are talking about and not make ‘out of your ass’ statements that just serve to give credit to the same nut jobs who claimed 9/11 was planned by the US government. As for those of you who think it worthwhile to claim fact from what you imagine, there are drugs you can get from your doctor to help you live in what the rest of us call the ‘real world’.

    2. Zahirah says:

      you can call me e Posted on The Simple TruthTruth SerumTruth or ConsequencesHonesty or BustIt actually odnuss like an interesting blog. I wouldn’t mind checking it out when it is up and running!

  11. Bruce says:

    I just knew Donald Trump had a bunch of believers, in all of his wacked out theory’s. Even high ranking republicans are distancing themselves from trump. I love it, every minute Trump is in the spotlight, more damage is done to the republican party. SUZY, Bin Laden is dead. Obama is great, Bush ignored Bin Laden for 8 years & let his family fly out of the USA on 9/11. The sooner all the naysayers dry up and contribute to society in a possitive way, the sooner our country will recover. SUZY, I bet you think Fl. Gov. Scott is awesome. He is killing our state, giving enormous benefits to wealthy and corporations, while stripping elderly, handicapped and poor people of all dignity and help.
    Why would anyone spend $75,000,000.00 of there own money to buy the Governors Office? Can you spell integrity? I know Scott can’t, and don’t even bring up Trumps past.

  12. mj says:

    first off i never believe a single thing the gov’t has to say . i believe he’s dead but i also believe that he killed himself when he knew capture was imminent. lets face it , the biggest prize in the world would be to have taken him alive and i believe that was their first intent . what would have been more humiliating for him than to be taken alive and brought back to the us to be made a spectacle of ? i think he saw the writing on the wall and also knew if he killed himself he’d be viewed as a martyr. the us also knew that therefore they would never allow him to be viewed that way. second , i think the celebrations in the streets are disgraceful. no different than when the people of Afghanistan danced in the streets following 9/11. i guess i just expect better of the american people . i’m surprised that people here didn’t run out into the streets firing guns in the air .

    as i stated i don’t believe a word the govt says … an example … no american casualties .. ok fine but now they are saying we lost a helicopter during the operation . can someone explain to me how you lose a chopper without a casualty ?there are also reports now that the operation’s intent was to kill him but now they are saying they would have taken him alive . make up your mind

    1. Hussien says:

      Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your fivtraoe reason seemed to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people think about worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  13. Knoppie says:

    The Navy Seals that carried out this operation know what they accomplished. These men and women are not risking their lives everyday to play games and to pretend. I don’t think they were deployed for that reason.

  14. Jay-O says:

    Suzy Blitz – sorry, but Al Qaida has also reported Osama’s death – do you think there’s a grand conspiracy between the USA and AQ?

    1. Mcboy says:

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  15. Carlos Liriano says:


    1. Mihail says:

      Hi, in response to this and to your pervious reply at Jihobbyist # 4 (I think):1. Good to see that you’ve started masking faces.2. The picture above had me giggling.3. You write that people think it’s ok for individuals to publicly post pictures of themselves wearing or celebrating al-Qaeda propaganda Come on, this is a strawman.4. Your line of reasoning, that these people themselves put the pictures on display on the Internet and should stand for it I don’t really buy that. Compare with some stupid teenager posting sexually explicit pictures of themselves online; perhaps legally you could republish them, but that doesn’t mean you should. In this case, since there might be a crime or threat involved, it depends on the type of pics and the person concerned, but mostly I think that judgement call belongs to legal authorities. You’re right that we should ask the questions (where’s the line that he shouldn’t be allowed to cross, at what point should law enforcement intervene, at what point is surveillance legitimate, etc), but we can ask those questions and still anonymize the subject. Since there is a chance some of these people might just be kids in crisis, or someone with a rather particular sense of humor pulling a prank on his friends, or whatever, let’s work on a presumption of innocence except in the most obvious cases.The possible consequences of their pro-OBL posturing are very real and very severe, not just to reputation, even if that’s the major one. Since 9/11 gloves are off even in the US, but most of these people have ties to other countries, where rule of law is weak or nonexistent. That calls for extra caution.As a hypothetical an example, consider the case of an immigrant kid who gets picked up on the radar of Syrian mukhabarat after some idiot bravado on a blog which got forwarded around the web. Ten years later when he has left all that behind and settled into married life, he goes back to the old country to see his relatives, and gets a tap on the shoulder at the Aleppo airport you fill in the rest.Unlike in days past, with the Internet there’s no controlling the spread, longevity and, most crucially, context of a statement online. So there’s every reason exists to be extra careful and play on the safe side. You don’t know where any of these people are going to be, ideologically or geographically, in 15 years, but these posts will certainly be floating around the web for anyone to see.Plus, anonymizing faces actually makes no difference to your case, so why not? (In fact, I don’t think the pictures was that much of an added value at all.)5. My complaint that there was no analysis, just pictures, is hereby formally withdrawn. I think that week 1 summary was thought-provoking and well worth the read. I also think it would have worked just fine without the Jihobbyist picture series.6. And, yes, I will most certainly continue to read the blog. Keep up the good job.

  16. Edwin Lora Diaz says:

    that’s a good one observation suzy

  17. Edwin Lora Diaz says:

    hahahaha !!

  18. Sarah says:

    He was buried at sea so that a shrine couldn’t be built where he was buried. They are trying to prevent martyrdom.

    1. Besmi says:

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  19. Suzy Blitz says:

    Just read that Obama bin Laden was buried at sea? Who carted off his dead corpse to a ship for burial? Juran Vandersloot? And who gave those orders? And why at sea? How do we know for certain it was Osama? Doctored photos? I don’t believe one word this Administration reports. One week the birth certificate suddenly appears, the next week Bin Laden is killed and buried at sea — I am sure from now until election day in 2012 “miracle man” will pull one rabbit after another out of the hat. That will keep the American people from focusing on the rise in gas prices, unemployment, the falling dollar, the increasing food prices, the radiation coming from Japan. Would not surprise me to see the POTUS appear on “Dancing With the Stars” next week.

    1. jeri says:

      Stop Hatin suzy, you hater!

      1. Brenda says:

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      2. Artem says:

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    2. Sandy says:

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