• Paintings Raise Money For Paramus School Bus Victims
  1. Arnold Jr says:

    I’ll Be Back!

  2. stealthfighter says:

    It’s the 21st century syndrome. Live with it.

  3. gih says:

    guess the steriods from his body building and movie days finally caught up with him and his brain and his ED.

  4. uyt says:

    wow……arnold, just nailin anything that moved, are ya.

  5. yucko says:

    She’s kind of gross….I’m not sure what Arnie was thinking … maybe his pants cut off the circulation to his brain:


  6. Philip Dee says:

    Did Arnold Pay for Mildreds breast implants?

  7. Tigereyes says:

    We shouldn’t try to analyze why this happened. It happens all the time. I always thought Maria was too pretty, too classy, and too smart to even be with him, but that’s my opinion. Some men have it all and risk it, for what? I’ve been trying to figure that one out for many years. I always thought he was all brawn and no brains, again my opinion. Maria is a strong woman and she will recover from this and move on with her life. Arnold should realize what he did and that it’s his loss, not hers.

  8. Dr Henry Frankenstein says:

    What the hell was Arnold thinking. His Wife was no Bargin but this is what horror movies are formed from

  9. Barry Levine says:

    Mildred, get over here you look great and I would bang you in the blink of an eye. I think you would be the best piece of ass that I ever had considering that I only got laid with person in my life and and my mom almost killed me for banging the person that I banged.

    1. Thomas says:

      God Barry….get a grip man!

  10. Carolae says:

    Must have been the boobs that attracted him….there isn’t much else he would like as she is nothing to look at….trashy looking if you ask me. Hope he has learned his lesson but probably not. Hollywood doesn’t much care who cheated on who…..if they want him for a movie, it won’t matter; however, I think his Hollywood days are over.

  11. wendy says:

    Mary, leave the dog bit out of f…ing. Dogs are born with more virtue, kindness, and decency than you know who or what…. End animal abuse.

  12. Mary says:

    My goodness, what a mess is Arnold to risk his wife and kids and possibly career for that woman! Nothing erk’s me more than when men have a drop dead wife and family and what the f..k is someone who isn’t of intellect or beauty? If you need it that bad…..f..k the dog, since now that is what you are!! Go Maria, make a new life and hold your head high honey. xoxox

    1. Claude says:

      I’m inclined to agree. You had me laughing uproariously!

    2. Thomas says:

      Are you sure “it” is a woman?

    3. noel gaurano says:

      you don’t understand,ladies….just like christy Brinkley and hillary….,they are drop dead beauties,but don’t f…k thier husbands..what’s a man gotta do..brinkley’s man has to watch his computer monitor and j…k off….bill???you know what he did……at least there is a drop dead ugly help in arnie’s house…..that takes care of his hardwood..lol

  13. lulu says:

    He must have been on some heavy duty drugs!!! His wife is much better looking & has brains & beauty. Such a stupid man although he is no great shakes himself!!!! His
    mistress will make a ton of $$$$

  14. lulu says:

    He must have been on some heavy duty drugs!!! His wife is much better looking & has brains & beauty. Such a stupid man although he is no great shakes himself!!!!

  15. Thats Fugly says:

    How drunk was Arnold to bang that??

  16. jay says:

    what happen to those rubbers he was promoting to the people of California to use to prevent making humans?

  17. libi says:

    did you know better not to mess with a merried man. you must to be a stupid stupid women, selfish and ignorant, maybe that’s why you are a maid, even this title is too good for you. you are disgusting, shame on you as a women and a mother.
    go and hide!

    1. CSI says:

      Just jealous because you wanted Arnold to be your baby daddy.

  18. Liam Steele says:

    Mildred Baena??? Now this is a woman who has some class. She’s not one of your “you know what I mean”. She has class. Something you don’t get from Arnold’s “wife.” who is more classy now then she was ten years ago. Hey, has anyone really found the Kennedy woman the least bit attractive, from 5 on up?

  19. Liam Steele says:

    Well she sure as hell looks better than that Kennedy witch. Those women are not good looking, just rich. As for the dudes, well the only guy that looked really good was Kennedy himself and that didn’t last very long. His brothers were YUK!!!

  20. pinkSugar says:

    What was he THINKING??!

    1. Liam Steele says:

      That’s the whole thing, they wern’t thinking. Arnold sure wasn’t. Hey, he could have flipped a $50 bill and had his extras taken care of for no cost.

      Thanks, Liam

  21. Darrel says:

    I wonder if she was that big when Arnold was banging her?

    1. Liam Steele says:

      They are all big. But that’s not their fault. JFK kept a good body. Bobby, not so much, very small frame. Bobby couldn’t wait to be elected. Poor dude, if onlyi he had waited………

    2. Liam Steele says:

      Well I don’t know but something tells me that Arnold would tear me up as a guy. He is big!!!!! Who wouldn’t want to experience Arnold? Everything on him must have grown larger as time went by. 🙂 I think what’s her name, his “wife” knows how big he much be.

    3. Liam Steele says:

      I think he was banging everyone except men. That was the case with Hillary—-no, sorry that was…………the guy who wanted to be King but had to accept Bill Clinton. Which is odd considering that Bill looked better than Hillary especially when she was not the least bit interested in sex. She was not into “sex” period. All she was good at was yelling at “Bill.”

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