• Paintings Raise Money For Paramus School Bus Victims
  1. Natia says:

    H apolytws okpswpirh moy apopsh kai ais8hsh einai oti tetoies energeies hpioy aktibismoy, opws 8a tis xarakthriza, stoxeyoyn, af enos, sto na epishmanoyn to problhma se oloys, na anadei3oyn to mege8os toy, kai, af’ eteroy, na kanoyn toys idioys ekeinoys, poy dhmioyrgoyn problhma, na syneidhtopoihsoyn tis synepeies ths pra3hs toys, ths anais8hsias toys, ths adiaforias toys gia to synolo. 8elw na elpizw oti orismenoi apo aytoys, osoi toylaxiston dhmioyrgoyn empodia xwris na to exoyn polyskef8ei, 8a to skef8oyn dyo fores thn epomenh fora, mporei kai na mh to 3anakanoyn kan kapoioi. kai enan na kerdisei ayth h ypo8esh kerdos einai – gia arxh, toylaxiston!S’ o,ti afora ton kado aporrimmatwn, epeidh hmoyn parwn kai exw idian eikona, mporw na bebaiwsw oti h sygkekrimenh topo8ethsh toy apotelei proklhsh! Akribws apenanti apo ton kado, to pezodromio – sthn odo Lekka, an 8ymamai kala – einai fardy kai 8a mporoyse na ton abfilo3enhseibb, enw, epi pleon, yparxei sto shmeio ekeino esoxh gia sta8meysh h stash 2-3 aytokinhtwn. Einai safes oti o kados topo8eth8hke opoy kai pws topo8eth8hke, prokeimenoy na mh dhmioyrgh8ei problhma sta ayokinhta apenanti h na mh einai konta sta magazia ths apenanti pleyras.

  2. Rayara says:

    Rating As a pcesrhool teacher and parent, I found this book to be the major influence in forming my communication style with children. In fact, this book has given me the skills to communicate more effectively with everyone my friends, my husband, my boss, and even my mother-in-law! When I changed my approach in how I spoke to them, they often changed their behavior. The logical, respectful strategies really work! My only criticism is that the format of the chapters does not always fascilitate quick re-read’ referral. For example, when I recently wanted to quickly look up a whining, or biting, or mealtime strategy for three of my pcesrhoolers, I became frustrated and confused as to where in the book I had seen the information. These topics were not listed in the index and I began to flip through the pages trying to find the stories and suggestions that I thought I remembered seeing somewhere. Therefore, I would also like to recommend another wonderful new book with the very same philosophy that is organized differently for quick use on the spot for very busy parents. THE POCKET PARENT is literally a pocket-sized A-Z guide exclusively written for parents and teacher of pcesrhoolers (2 s, 3 s, 4 s, 5 s). It is loaded with hundreds of easy to find quick-read bullet answers (called sanity savers’) to 40 common behavior problems of 2- to 5-year-olds. I recommend these two books for every mom and dad with a 2- to 5-year-old. Both books are permissive with feelings, but strict with behavior while preserving the dignity of both parent and child. Both books are full of humor and compassion from authors that have been there,’ too. For help on the spot as well as long term understanding keep both books handy!

    1. Marines says:

      the food at your place was fantastic! I had pesotd some pics of him and his Pop on the beach at your place and my daughter was ecstatic to see her favorite show had taken over your place ! She never misses an episode of The Deadliest Catch! I hope to visit your place in March 2012 when I visit my son there .looking forward to savoring your food for myself!

    2. Joyce says:

      or portraits.. but I pisorme to share wedding photos from this coming Saturday’s wedding of Kuya Richard and Mimie! I am enjoying these not-so-busy days when I can just take photos of all sorts of things! As much

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