Boomer & Carton


Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Sept. 8, 2016

During Thursday’s highly anticipated “Moment of the Day,” we heard a portion of Craig’s epic reaction to the Tim Tebow news.


Curtis Martin visits WFAN

Boomer & Carton: Jets Legend Curtis Martin Holds Nothing Back

With the NFL season set to start on Thursday night, producer extraordinaire Al Dukes booked Hall of Famer Curtis Martin to join Boomer and Craig to discuss a whole host of football-related topics.


Bryan Mitchell pitches

Boomer & Carton: Jerry’s Effort Begs For Your Collective Attention

The one and only Jerry Recco made his mark on the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza on Thursday morning, and, as usual, it was glorious.


Wilmer Flores celebrates with Curtis Granderson

Boomer & Carton: Winning Is Contagious For The Baseball Locals

First, the Mets did their thing in Cincinnati. Then, the Yankees flexed their young muscles, completing a sweep of Toronto in the Bronx.



Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Sept. 7, 2016

Wednesday’s highly anticipated “Moment of the Day” featured a story about a unique approach to the art of play-by-play.


Anthony Munoz at WFAN studios

Boomer & Carton: Anthony Munoz Gets Dressed Up And Stops By

Pro Football Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz, one of Boomer’s dearest friends, stopped by the Allstate Studio on Wednesday morning on behalf of Ford, which has partnered with the NFL.


Tyler Austin celebrates

Boomer & Carton: Jerry Gets Caught Doing What Jerry Does Best

If it’s a Jerry Recco update you crave, then you have come to the right place.


Curtis Granderson homers

Boomer & Carton: An Entertaining Night Of Baseball To Say The Least

Talkin’ baseball is what Boomer and Craig were doing early on Wednesday morning, after the Yankees and the Mets provided a couple of memorable wins to keep themselves in the thick of their respective playoff races.



Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Sept. 6, 2016

Tuesday’s highly anticipated “Moment of the Day” occurred when Terry Collins said one thing, but Craig thought he heard something else.


Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker

Boomer & Carton: Brandon Marshall Disagrees With Boomer On The Kaepernick Situation

Brandon Marshall called in from a coffee shop Tuesday morning to chat with Boomer and Craig about the Jets and the prospects for their upcoming season.


Bruce Springsteen

Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes’ Night With ‘The Boss’ And NJ Gov. Christie

Al Dukes found himself in the governor of New Jersey’s box last Tuesday night at MetLife Stadium, as Chris Christie invited him to be his guest at the Bruce Springsteen concert.


Colin Kaepernick

Boomer & Carton: Guys Aren’t Cool With What Kaepernick Is Doing

Boomer and Craig took a few minutes on Tuesday morning to discuss the recent actions of the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick, making crystal clear their stance on the backup quarterback’s shunning of the national anthem.


Mets beat Reds

Boomer & Carton: Jerry Gets The Memo And Delivers An Update

Jerry Recco wasted no time Tuesday reminding us all what he brings to the table each and every morning, as he provided yet another gem of an update.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

Boomer & Carton: Back And Better Than Ever

After finishing off the summer with some well deserved rest and relaxation, Boomer and Craig were back in full force Tuesday morning. And as usual, it was business as usual.



Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Aug. 26, 2016

Friday’s highly anticipated “Moment of the Day” featured Boomer and Craig arguing about tennis superiority.


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