3/13 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather Headlines

Yet again, radiation cooling has allowed for temps to peel off the thermometer especially outside of NYC. Some teens are forecasted in the Hudson Valley. Grab the coat for those temps!


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3/12 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

Hope you’re having a good start. Some chilly temps have gripped the Tri-State yet again. The lack of cloud cover has allowed for plenty of radiational cooling.


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2/26 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

Temps have dropped off yet again. We will not get out of the upper 20s today.


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1/28 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Expect another cold one today as the snow pack from the storm keeps things a few degrees colder than normal. The sunshine will be ample, but expect some blowing and drifting snow to be a problem out in eastern Long Island.


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1/21 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather Headlines

It’s a pretty chilly start out there today! Many are bottoming out in the upper teens and lower 20s.


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12/31 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather Headlines

On what is the final day of 2014, expect plenty of sun but also plenty of cold air! Temps will only max out in the mid 20s/low 30s.


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12/3 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

We’ll be waking up in the 20s and 30s again tomorrow. Not our coldest… but still coat-worthy.


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11/28 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather Headlines

If you’re heading out for holiday deals this morning, bundle up! Temps start off in the mid/upper 20s near NYC, even in upper teens far north/west in spots that got pasted by snow.


Wind Chills

Bitter Cold Set To Slam Tri-State Area; Threat Of Slick Roads For AM Rush

Bitter cold will shock the system as Tri-State Area residents wake up on Monday, and slippery roads could mean problems for the morning rush.


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11/17 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather Headlines

After the rain exits east, its all about the temps. Waking up tomorrow morning will feel like a typical morning in mid-January.


A woman braves the cold during her morning commute on Fiftth Avenue in Manhattan on Jan. 7, 2014. (credit: Timothy Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

Winter Set For A Biting Return; Lows To Drop To Single Digits For Some

The balmy spring temperatures that climbed into the 60s will feel like ancient history Thursday, as a biting wind blows in and the high will fall short of the freezing mark.


New Dorp Sandy Victims

Bitter Chill Persists, Sandy Victims Remain Livid

Tri-State Area residents began the weekend in lingering bitter cold, as the temperature still refuses to climb out of the 20s, and the wind chill continues to make it feel much colder.