911 Operator

Ambulance (credit: clipart.com)

911 Dispatcher, Stony Brook EMTs Help New Mom Deliver Premature Twin Boys

Most babies arrive on their own schedule. The 48-year-old new mom from Stony Brook learned that firsthand when her twin boys came nearly three months early.


911 operator (file/credit: CBS 2)

Suffolk County 911 Operator Helps Mom Deliver Twin Boys

A 48-year-old Stony Brook woman called 911 from her home on Tuesday and told the dispatcher she was about to give birth. Operator Christine Springer said the new mom stayed calm in an otherwise stressful situation.


Newborn Baby Feet

New Grandma Delivers Baby Girl With Help From Suffolk County 911 Operator

911 operator Christine Hogan said she realized the baby was not going to wait for emergency crews to arrive, so she walked the mother through delivery step by step.


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911 Operator Saves Thanksgiving For Bridgeport, Conn. Robbery Victim

A man who was robbed on Thanksgiving morning in Bridgeport, Conn., received a pleasant surprise courtesy of a sympathetic 911 operator.


Guns On Staten Island Bus

Police: Off-Duty 911 Operator Texts For Help, Saves Bus From Armed Teen

An off-duty 911 operator was not in a position to call emergency dispatchers herself Tuesday when an armed man had her in sight on a Staten Island bus – but she was able to text for help.