Gas Prices On The Upswing Despite No Increase In DemandIt looks like the dip in gasoline prices is behind us, according to oil analyst Peter Beutel. He says it's unusual for this time of year, since winter is far from over.
Oil Analyst Blames Iran For High Gas PricesHigh gas prices are no surprise in the summer, but they've gone up this winter.
Connecticut Oil Analyst: Gas Prices Have Likely Peaked For The YearWhile there are some predictions of higher gas prices in December just in time for the holidays, oil analyst Peter Beutel believes prices, for the most part, have peaked.
Oil Analyst Sees Lower Gas Prices Ahead For Tri-State AreaOil analyst Peter Beutel says that while the current national average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.45, here in our metropolitan area, the price is at least 40 cents higher.
Analyst: Fairfield County Should Expect Lower Gas Prices SoonOil analyst Peter Beutel says prices are dropping and they should be reflected at the pump soon.
Oil Analyst Peter Beutel Says Higher Interest Rates Could Mean Lower Gas PricesOil company earnings won't drive down prices at the gas pump, but one oil analyst has an idea about what might.
Unrest In Libya To Hit You At The Gas PumpThe current average price for regular gasoline in the Tri-State Area is about $3.27. The unrest in Libya could drive that even higher.
Gas Prices Approaching $4 A GallonThe temperatures are low and filling up at the gas station will leave our bank accounts the same way.
Area Gas Prices On The Rise As Fall Weather DescendsWe used to hear that when the summer ends, gas prices go down, right? Wrong!
Lower Gas Prices Predicted For Labor DayOil analyst Peter Beutel says that's provided we don't see something like a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico to push prices back up.

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