Katie Fehlinger

CBS Philadelphia Meteorologist Stands Up To Cyberbullies Commenting On Pregnancy Weight

In addition to the nasty comments, Fehlinger said she has also received hundreds of messages of support.


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Moms-To-Be Getting A Sneak Peek At Their Child With Ultrasound Parties

Mothers-to-be are breaking the mold when it comes to getting a sneak peek at their unborn child.


Thomas Pfeiffer (Ulster County Sheriff's Dept)

Cops: NY Doctor Chokes Woman, Forces Her To Swallow Abortion Pill After She Says She’s Pregnant

A New York anesthesiologist choked a woman and forced her to swallow a pill that could cause an abortion after she told him she was pregnant, police said.


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Supreme Court Justices Hear Pregnancy Discrimination Case

A pregnancy discrimination case is in front of the Supreme Court and its outcome could affect women across the country. A former UPS worker says she was forced into taking unpaid leave when she became pregnant.


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How To Fight ‘Mommy Belly’ Before Birth

While there are many perks of being a mother, there’s one thing most everyone can agree isn’t one of them


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5 Best Maternity Stores In NYC

New York City offers one-of-a-kind stores with unique clothes for pregnant ladies. Herewith are our five favorites.


Medical experts say a popular trend called 'water birthing' could be unsafe for newborn babies. (Credit CBS 2)

Dr. Max Gomez: Growing ‘Water Birth’ Trend May Be Unsafe

Two major doctors’ groups have said that a growing trend that involves giving birth in a tub of warm water is not good for babies and could even be dangerous.


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Dr. Max Gomez: Investigating The Link Between Stress And Infertility

A team of researchers at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center, led by Dr. Courtney Lynch, have made a connection between stress and a couple’s inability to get pregnant.


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The Biggest Pregnancy Myths Debunked by Expert Linda Geddes

Simon & Schuster author Linda Geddes explores and debunks common baby and pregnancy myths here.



Dr. Max Gomez: Dealing With Second Child Infertility

The increase in cases of secondary infertility has to do in part with the fact that women are waiting longer to have kids, but there are other possible factors including some problems that can be traced to a woman’s first delivery.


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Study: Eating Nuts While Pregnant May Prevent Allergy In Children

The study found that exposing your unborn child to nuts may prepare their immune system to handle nuts after they’re born.


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Pregnant Conn. Firefighter Forced To Take Unpaid Leave

The woman’s lawyer says the fire department is violating federal and state anti-discrimination laws.


More women are choosing to freeze their eggs. (credit: CBS 2)

Egg Freezing A Hot Topic Among Women

More women are choosing to freeze their eggs.


7.8 Pamela Peckerman

Maternity Monday: Labor Day Essentials With Pamela Pekerman

Pamela Perkerman joined us on The Couch to show us some “Labor Day” essentials — items that should be packed for an expectant mom’s trip to the hospital.


Dr. Lara Oboler on The Couch (credit: WLNY)

Maternity Monday: Fertility Issues

For many women, getting pregnant is not a problem, but for others it’s not easy to start a family.